Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Skulls and Monochrome

Be it a party, get-together, birthday, family outing or any occasion, the first thought that strikes us is *what to wear* ? A closet full of clothes, but even then, a lady's wardrobe is always missing something!
But there are times when there is no occasion and you still want to dress up! Well, what you call a "feel-good" factor. It is in times like these when you have no excuse at all to buy new clothes (closet full you see!) but still want something new and fresh to wear. The only solution (acc. to me) is to put together stuff you have never done before.
It was a similar situation for me. But I was in no mood for too many colors and chose the basic B&W (yes! we love monochromes!)
I paired my Vero Moda Skull Blouse with black trousers and used my Forever New bow brooch as a bow-tie. And this was the result!

Some *studs* !

There can never be enough poses! :p

"Mirror Mirror on the wall, ... "

Time to add some colour now I think!

Winds of change? haha!!


My current favourite neon shade from Maybelline and the only pop of color on me..

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