Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bohemian Rhapsody

You can never keep a lady away from accessories, be it sparkling diamonds or just quirky fashion accessories! It all boils down to how you accessorize an outfit that either makes or breaks it. From what I figured out over time, my style has always had a bohemian touch in it. My love for stand-out accessories and jewelry has always been looked up to, not to forget my own eternal love for them too and the urge to show it off as much as possible :P. And what better way to show off a tiny section of your *I'm-so-proud-of-it* collection than on a perfect sunny day out!! And so I thought of putting together the Boho Chic look. Aha! this time not on me but on my dear friend and a very pretty lady - Tejeswani Sharma. With a demure body but a strong face, she exudes what Bohemian means to me - Independent!

There are no written rules to go about this look. Everyone has their own version of it. 
Mine's this.

Firstly, I love this denim shirt-vest-jacket! Yes, its multipurpose (more styling with the same piece will be done soon). Don't miss out on the subtle lace detailing at the back.

For the headband, I used a long (fake) pearl necklace. Its an old piece of jewelry which I knew would certainly come in use one fine day, and voila!

Subtle make-up highlighting only the eyes and the rest of the face brushed with some bronzer for the sun-kissed effect

Oh! that flowy long skirt. Well, its a patchwork cotton skirt from a Bombay flea market. A perfect  buy for the summers as the material breathes!

Now for my heap of jewelry. Most of it are from Goa. Where else can you expect to spot some real good hippie stuff ;) . A good fat layering of multiple neckpieces and I get what I want.

You really think the boho chic look would be complete without a "feather"? Look closer my dear ;) . Spotted? Well thats actually the only brooch I have and needless to say its amazing!

Oh yes! my prop too.. a peacock feather :D

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hello Kitty


There are some things in everyone's lives, the sight of which just makes you go Awwwww!!! And this is one such Aww-some story of my tete-a-tete with - a Kitten!*I named it Meauw*.
It was just another hot summer evening when I was working with the door left wide open (fresh breeze lover, you know). Suddenly I felt like there's someone peeping from the corner of the door and that was my *Awwwww* moment. To my surprise it was a small little kitten, god knows where she came from. As soon as she realized I was looking at her, she started purring, a soft-sad-attention seeking purr. It took me a while to realize why she must have been here. I realized she was hungry, and unfortunately, like a typical bachelor's house, there was nothing to feed her. After almost ransacking the house, all I could find were some almonds which my Mom had packed into my stuff while I left home. Indian moms I tell you! :D

This experience was one I'll never forget. That cute look on her face, her big glazing green eyes and that white furry body, stimulated the photographer in me and tadaaaa! I took out my camera and started clicking. And here I am, sharing the moment with all you guys, hope this gives you also a reason to go Awwwwww !!!!!

The peek
Meauw meauw  !!!
Then how slowly she settles down and our silent conversation begins :)

How i offered her the almond nuts and how she just ignored.

The Awwwwwww moment.

I'll soon be putting up a tutorial with some DO's and DONT's,  when you shoot with animals.

Do share if this made you go Awwwww.. !!!!!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Loose pants and Houndstooth


Pants have been a rage since quite a few seasons and yes, its here to stay! Last season was a whirlpool of florals and military, geometric-prints and coloured pants. And undoubtedly, it has made its way to the 2013 spring summer fashion trend must-haves along with some of its cousins :D.
Without going into further details about which kind of pants are a hit this season (you can find it here), Il go straight to the one I vouched for. Owing to the extreme heat and grime, I chose to wear a pair of loosely fitted pants, which in India is famous as a Patiala. Yup, the very-heavily-flared-at-the-hips and traditional Punjabi ethnic wear!

I chose a plain black cotton Patiala to go with the shirt I am so very fond of. Its a very basic round neck (or bandhgala, whatever you might want to call it) houndstooth shirt. The loose fit makes it a sure shot winner for the sweaty summer.

silver nails and black and silver baroque earrings to add a feminine touch

I paired the look with my bright orange clutch from splash to add a pop of colour!

Share with us which pants will you be rocking this season!