Sunday, 22 December 2013

Its Juggling Time Folks! ( Perfect Woman Feature Article)

"Like life, fashion too has no rules. Being inspired is fascination, but being an individual is YOU."

Fashion! What does it bring to your mind? Preppy street style fashionistas, catwalk models, magazine photo shoots, crazy music artists or your own self? For me, its everything. I may not have the perfect body of a ramp model or the craziness of a pop artist like Lady Gaga but what I do have is my individual style even when taking inspiration from the world. After all the plus point of being on the heavier side is experimentation! 
This is the article as featured on the December Issue of Perfect Woman India.
Winters are finally here and so its time to juggle up your wardrobes.  And if there's nothing you can find in yours, go hunt your granny's! You are sure to come up with things like…

Pretty Cardigans - Remember the naive Naina Talwar (Deepika Padukone) from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? You surely couldn't have missed out on her floral frocks and pretty cardigans! These winter mornings make the perfect season and reason to throw on old cardigans over your normal clothes. 
My version - wearing a longish muted coloured cardigan over well fitted pants (rather skinny) and a bright tee.  

Loose Thick Pullovers - Every grandmother in India made these for their entire family, especially the males. So ask your dad for that one pullover he always avoided and wear it in style! 
My version - Oversized pullover over leather pants/leggings with boots. If you still feel cold, put on your beanie and muffler. You dad and granny will be the first ones to compliment!

Midi/long Skirts - I suggest going over to your mum's or aunt's wardrobe for these. Anything below the knee and loose is not just comfortable but also sexy. So keep your minis aside and pile up on the long skirts as this sexy thing is here to stay! My choice would be the chiffon/synthetic ones as they have a perfect fall.
My version - For a trendy day look, pair the skirt with a cropped top and brogues/saddle shoes. On a chilly evening, wear a fitted coat/quilted jacket over your skirt for a masculine-feminine fusion look! If you would like to add some more drama, wear a hat - a Victorian one may be?

Beanies - My first photo on record is that of me in my father's arm, wearing rabbit ears beanie and since then these cute lil things have been on my favourite list throughout the next 23 years. It not only keeps your warm but can make anyone look extremely cute! Now don't say you don't like cute things. Beanies are also extremely easy to make so this time, instead of asking your granny for one, why not make it yourself? It could well turn out to be the best gift ever for Christmas. 
My version - wear it with anything, right from your pyjamas to office wear! 

And when you are finally done with the wardrobes, hop on to the streets for…
Boots - And no I don't mean the winter-typical ugh boots. Neither am I talking about sky-high boots. Biker boots, studded boots, cowboy boots and even Timbaland boots - these are the ones to go for this season. Anything from the knee to the ankle is good with no heels or a 2 inch block heel.
My version - A short pretty floral dress/frock worn with a bomber jacket and studded or tie-up boots. 

Faux Leather - The runways, the streets, the airports, the clothing racks as well as in your best friends wardrobe, the one thing you will surely find is faux leather. Be it leggings or jackets or sweatshirts or skirts, leather oozes style. But do not go leather-y top to bottom unless you really want to look like a professional biker.
My version - Wear your prettiest printed kurti/kaftan with faux leather leggings for a fun twist to your normal outfit! You can also wear a leather jacket with any kind of printed pants - right from military to floral. Don't forget your booties!

These above said list is what will make way into my wardrobe, your choice may be different. Actually, it should be different! Fashion can be inspired from, but style is unique. Like life, fashion too has no rules. If you think 3 neon pieces can be worn together, wear it! Its all about confidence and speaking for yourself. Being inspired is fascination, but being an individual is YOU.

I would love to know how do you Juggle Up this winter. Comment below.
Love N Luck

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Little Black Dress (LBD)

Everybody in this world knows whats an LBD! "The Little Black Dress"
According to fashion historians, the origins of this classic dates back to 1920s designs of Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. Almost a 100 years, but the LBD remains to be a classic wardrobe must-have throughout, regardless of season, occasion, country, fashion phase, etc. The patterns and textures and shapes and drapes may be many but the basic concept remains the same.

The Little Black Dress, owing to its long lasting ability, versatility, affordability, accessibly and the neutral colour, is indeed the safest bet for just any women in the world!! You can take it from day wear to evening wear depending on the way you style it. I found my perfect LBD at the Forever 21 stores. Its the perfect length, fits snugly, the lace detail gives it that feminine touch while the "A" hemline makes it so cute! My accessories include a cross ring-bracelet and my cross ear cuffs, both from Forever 21. Now here's the exciting part - this complete outfit is worth just INR 2000! Amazing isn't it? 
You too can own a complete outfit worth INR 2000/- by entering the giveaway below sponsored by Forever21.

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Love N Luck

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wings of Change

Ever wondered how would it feel to wake up one fine morning to the view of a tiny fish pond surrounded by glistening green trees, air smelling of dew drops and the sound of children playing? Sounds alluring right? Well, that was the scenery I would wake up to every morning  but 5 years back. Its the same house, the same surroundings, the same people, the same road, the same Sun, but the feel has changed.

Yes, 5 years equals an era these days. Now, I wake up to the view of buildings in different colors, hovering over me from every side. My day starts and ends with the noisy road full of cars honking and tyres screeching.  My nights are filled with shaky moments that seemed like earthquakes, but are just the impact of the brick laden heavy trucks moving. And slowly, even the image of that beautiful pond that smiled at me through my balcony seems to be fading away from my memory.
Now that the pond had been such a precious part of my life, I do owe it something. And this outfit is an ode to that smile that greeted me every morning. What surrounds me now was where my smiling star had been, 5 years ago. :)

Outfit - Thankur Complex, Kandivali
Ear Ring - Forever 21
Finger Ring - Karigar
Handbag - Lavie
Shoes - Hill Road, Bandra
PS- I will soon do a post on the DIY Hairstyle I tried here.

There is something that we have been working on for quite a long time now. Presenting to you our brand new property, an exclusive Fashion Podcast - Let'Stalk Fashion 

Can you guess what its gonna be all about ? Comment below
Love N Luck

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dread That Car Journey : Halloween Special

Image Courtesy
Imagine you are on a road trip along with your friends to a spectacular hill side. Travelling along a scenic landscape you get totally absorbed in its scintillating beauty. Your windscreens are down, you are breathing in the burst of fresh air, your hair dancing with the wind. Its getting darker and colder as you enter a road flanked by dense forest. The skies above are a pale blue with tints of the setting sun. The clouds are hovering over your head, dense and dark. You are still lost in the beauty of nature when your car comes to a screeching halt that makes you fall off your seat. You find your grip and look up to see what just happened and you are welcomed by something like this.............

We grew up hearing such stories from our grandparents and parents. And somewhere, I do believe that life after death do exist. Thats what Halloween is all about, isnt it ? Its all about those wandering souls trying to find a body for themselves and more often than not, the victims are the ones travelling by roads as they are the most easy and vulnerable targets. But then, should that stop you from taking memorable road trips with your family and friends?
My grandma always told me that a strong mind and a spiritual smell can always fend off bad spirits. Its obviously not advisable to use incense sticks in a car but you surely can use car fragrances that will also help you keep your friends happy. Nobody likes travelling in a smelly stinky car!

Try the new festive range of Godrej Aer Home and Car fragrances to headstart your celebration with all things fragrant. Also, do let me know which fragrance you like best.

Why not go "Desi" this Halloween? Remember the famous Manjulika. Undoubtedly, my look here is inspired from her! To get this look, wear a tshirt as a blouse and drape your saree in the most clumsiest way possible. Also make sure your saree is not ironed. Take any red color powder and smear it on your forehead and rub your eyes like a crying baby after applying a healthy dose of kajal. Give the final touch by messing your hair up after tying it in a loose low bun. Don't forget the "Maang Tika" and "Gajra". For Shristhi's look, wear a dark cape, apply a dose of shell colored foundation and dust your face with some powder. Line your lower rim with red colour eye shadow or you can even use your rouge blush.
Have a Happy Halloween!

Love N Luck
P.S. - This post is a part of Godrej Aer promotion campaign

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Celebrate PINK this October

This month is just not about celebrating the Gods, Goddesses and the souls(Halloween) but also us women! No I ain't kidding! October is the breast cancer awareness month. So you can wear pink any day you want, or everyday too!! :D
We have all heard about the "Wear pink to Work" campaign, right? Well, its basically just to encourage more women to be aware of breast cancer. The concept is simple - wearing pink helps spread more awareness as detecting the disease early is the best way to prevent it. In India, this year its being celebrated on the 18th of october. This post is to give you an offbeat idea on how to root for a cause and stay stylishly pink-y at work!
A cotton printed trouser paired with a solid coloured flowy top can never go wrong on any body shape or size! Prints and bright colours are both a good bet this fall, so get innovative and crazy! 

Clutch - Splash
Rest of the outfit - Thrift, Bandra and Bangalore

Wear pink, keep it stylish! 
Love N Luck

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dancing in the rain

Ok! So Mumbai has been acting pretty weird lately, isn't it? Pouring cats and dogs anytime of the day in the month of October! 
Though I love the rains, what I hate is the humidity and stickiness after it. Mumbai's weather reminds me of those in coastal areas now. Oh! the mention of coastal areas just reminded me of Goa. 
I was there the previous week, took a bike ride along the western coast, had a lot of fun and yes, came back with a lot of tan!!! :D. Goa was in its most beautiful-lest state during this post monsoon season! Not very crowded, occasional light showers, lots of greenery and peacocks! Yes, we managed to spot a few peacocks there.
Now Goa is not just about the sun, sand and pinacoladas but also street side shopping. Though I did not get much time to hop about the streets, I did pick a few things. One of them is this peacock print leggings. 

Asymmetrical shirt - Arrow
Peacock Print leggings - Thrift
Bracelet - Add ons
Clutch - Lavie
Neckpiece - Raastachaap (Buy Here)
Finger ring - Raastachaap (Buy Here)
Footwear - Hill Road, Bandra

Love N Luck

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Feet Trails | How to : PediCure |

And finally we are here with another Vlog! And nah! this ain't any regular review. This is kind of a tutorial video for your feet! A simple yet effective pedicure, that one can do at his/her own comfort zone! Now, you don't expect me to explain the benefits and importance of a good pedicure, do you? ;) 
Show your feet some love, they will love you back more for that!! :)

Love N Luck

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Crop your way up

Being a fashion blogger for the last several months, all I have done is talk about having an individual style. But what I have always missed out on is the writing style. Yes, a fashion "blogger" also has her own style of writing. Everyone knows it, but nobody acknowledges it (by everyone, I mean their own selves too!). And its just not in the case of bloggers but everyone. Writing is another basic criteria defining your individuality and nobody can take that away from you. Having said that, "let no one take that way from you"! There is no such thing as a bad writer or a good writer. If you can put across the message you want to send to your audience, well, you have done your work! Its just lately that I realized that my readers are not just mere followers of my style but also the way I communicate with them. Its your words that make you a survivor in platforms like this, don't you agree?

Wearing a peppy shade from Maybelline's new range of neon matte lippies - MAT3

Shoes and Crop Top - Bandra Thrift
Bag - Tibetan Plaza, Bangalore

Love N Luck!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Golden Touch

They say "Its better late than never!" And I think they are true :D

Yes, Lakme Fashion Week was the buzzword all through last week. New labels, new designers, reviews, interviews, wishlists - that was what filled my Facebook News Feed. Now, it seems to have come a notch lower. The Lakme Fashion Week fever is nearly dying but here I am, late as usual. No, I am not reviewing any of the shows, neither am I telling out my wishlist, though I have my own personal favourites. I am too self-obsessed as you might know by now so its again going to be just my pictures :D.

I attended the LFW on the last day of the event, as a blogger on behalf of my college. It was a hot day so I chose to go simple. I wore a coral dress with cream colored frilly sandals and an off white sling. Gold, being the color of the season, I incorporated some of it in my outfit. A thin gold belt and mesh gold neck piece layered under my peter-pan collar dress, and I was good to go!

Dress - Sepia
 Bag and Footwear - Bandra Linking Road
 Neck piece - Limeroad
 Ring - Pantaloons
Earrings - Bangalore

Love N Luck

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Leopard Attacks


Finally I'm in my 2nd year of college! When I think back on my initial days in my then new college, Whistling Woods International, my first thought is ofcourse of the orientation session! There was a lot of introduction, fun, rules, games, film screenings and some wild facts about our college!! ;) I'll get straight to the wild fact ofcourse.

We have classes in the middle of the jungle!! hahahaha! Ok not really but kind of. My college is surrounded by the vastness of the hills and jungles and occasional wild animals! Yes you read it right. We have special guests in the form of wild snakes, lizards, spectacular birds, lots of eagles and LEOPARDS! I had a similar kind of excitement and goosebumps just like you, when I heard this on my first day of college. Story goes that once, all the staff and students had to spend the night in the campus due to hungry leopards loitering around the premises.

You must have guessed by now what my look has been inspired by.

Ok! So this was just a fun capture but I love the expression! So wild, isn't it? ;)

No, its not just for the sake of my excitement of someday sensing an uncaged leopard somewhere near me but the fact that we are leaving them homeless! Its population is declining due to habitat loss and hunting for trade and pest control. No wonder there are news of leopards attacks every other day. And hence, this is our own small step to spread the word - Rescue the Big Cats.

Black Sheer Top - Shopper's Stop
Black Shorts - Bangalore
Leopard Print Scarf - Tibetan Plaza, Bangalore
Neck piece - Bandra Linking Road
Footwear - Bandra Hill Road

Love N Luck