Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lavie Bloggers Contest

After doing quite a few posts on outfits and how to wear what, etc., I thought of letting the very neccesary in all occassion add-on - the "bag" - take the centre stage. After all, a women's handbag is a world within a world ;) (read this phrase somewhere and it stuck on to my head). Co-incidentally it so happened that Lavie bags are holding a contest-cum-event for some selected bloggers, one of them being me yay!!! :D . Haven't heard of Lavie? Yes, the same one where Kareena goes for a black bag but chooses an orange and a blue and many more ( no, I can't buy that many Lavies its too expensinve :/ ). But but but! you should check out their collection, awesome I must say!
Ok, for those who don't know about Lavie, I'll give you some gyaan. Launched in 2010, Lavie is a fashion lifestyle brand that targets the consummate genY young woman who is multi-faceted and successful, independent and vivacious.It imbibes the dynamism of colours, youth and spunk. The brand embodies the free and young spirit of the new age young Indian woman who values her individuality and is high on life. Lavie accentuates the spirit of Me, Myself and I.
Phew! All that info is copy-pasted from their website. In my words, Lavie is for those who are independent, strong and inevitably stylish! (and rich too!)
Back to the details of the Lavie Bloggers Contest. To be held this Tuesday,30th of April, at the Palladium, Lower Parel, where 15 eminent fashion bloggers display their Summer Style Looks for SS 13.

I went through their collection and was way too confused as to which one suits my style the best. Atlast I went in with the "Coconut Medium Tote" in red and beige. Totes are handbags which are also known as carry-alls and are large roomy bags ideal for all belongings of a woman.They have 2 different variety in the product - red & beige and red & pink. I chose the red & beige as it will go with about anything, from casual florals to classy formals! The make of the bag is very handy, spacious and easy to carry.

Now, only pairing it right will help flaunt its true essence. For the same, keeping the weather in mind, I chose to pair it with these pastel mint-coral spring flower pallazo-vest pant suit from

Pair this ultra comfortable and stylish pant suit inspired from the 1940's lawn suit with Coconut Medium Tote in red & beige and you will look no less than the diva "Kareena" herself!

I would seriously suggest you guys to go have a look at their collection. Though at the higher side on the price bar, all their bags speak class and are sturdy and is certainly value for money. After all, Lavie goes by the saying, judge a man by his shoes and a woman by her handbag!!


Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Whites of Neon

Its finally summer! Full-blown sticky grimy scorch summer! And I have been writing and writing about keeping fresh during summers and blah blah without actually doing so :D. Well, not exactly. You see I have a full time college to go to, where I have to wear my uniform (a very unflattering set of tees). All the experiment I do is with my lowers. So one fine day when I was too tired to attend college, I thought of finally trying on an outfit that has been haunting my thoughts since long. 

I was a little apprehensive about the look at first because its a crazy clash of many different trends all put together in one outfit, but I must say it worked out well. After all, its white that's dominating. Have a look...

I also incorporated my gothic skull studded bag in this look (a bag I almost forgot about). In short, I experimented with anything possible :D

When I saw this pretty polka dotted easy-breezy vest, I immediately fell in love with it. The oversized fitting, intricate lace design on the neck and the fact that its dotted gives it a very vintage feel. I paired it with my neon peach noodle strap and lime green pants for some splash of colour. My accessories are minimal as seen - charm necklace from Accessorize, mo ring - Bandra and skull bag - Tibetan Plaza, Bangalore. The brogues worn here are ultra comfy and one of my favourite pair, bought in Kolkata.

Happy Levitating!
We tried experimenting with the pictures as usual. Hope you like our effort. Do not forget to leave your comments/suggestions below.


Sunday, 14 April 2013

How I met the Sun

graphic courtesy -

This event wasn't just another one. It was GRAND, at the JW Marriott, Juhu on 7th of April with lots of fun, games, gossip, food, umbrellas and yellow-ness!
The meet was conducted by Indiblogger and Neutrogena India. Now these brand needs no introduction, does it? 

The Venue - JW MARRIOTT, Juhu
The event was smartly planned wherein they started off with fun games in the first half and the real "gyaan" was kept for the second half. Words would not do justice to the fun we had so I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

All these activities were bound to leave us starving so they arranged for snacks, which pretty much looked like an array of lunch and dinner dishes combined(it still makes me drool :P ).

We were in for a pretty surprise after the sumptuous meal. On the guest list was Tara Sharma-an avid blogger herself. 

She explained, how she turned her blog about motherhood into a talk show - The TaraSharma Show. She also spoke a few lines about Neutrogena before fumbling and struggling hard to pronounce the word "dermatologist" :D. But respect the lady for her work!

Oh! I forgot to mention a very interesting fact about this meet. The blogger's ranged from 13 years to 60 years of age.

Then was the gyaan session. We all know everything comes for a cost so now time for some gyaan. Entered the real dermatologist, Dr. Pareek, with some equipment that apparently radiates UV rays equivalent to that of the sun.

An on-the-spot experiment was done to show us the amount of damage even 15 seconds of exposure to the direct sun can do to our skin and also demonstrated how Neutrogena ultra sheer sunblock can protect us from such impacts.

A unique technology has been used in manufacturing Neutrogena products - Helioplex. Scratching your head? My reaction too was the same. I did my bit of research on this and this is what I got to know.

Helioplex is a type of sun protection that provides broad spectrum protection for the skin. It is the first sun protection technology to effectively combine the ingredients avobenzone and oxybenzone for maximum ultraviolet light protection. The technology guards the skin from both ultraviolet A(UVA)and ultraviolet B(UVB) sun rays.

Neutrogena developed the Helioplex technology in 2005. It was first introduced in the company’s line of Ultra Sheer Sunblocks with SPF 55. Helioplex was engineered to provide stabilization to the sunscreen ingredients in order to prevent the sun from breaking down their effectiveness.

But they dint let us out yawning and drowsy after all that gyaan. It ended with some crazy Harlem Shake and the goodies. YES, you read it right The Neutrogena Harlem Shake !!!

I used the product the very next day to college so that I could give an instant feedback. Comes in a handy tube package with a pleasant mild smell, the only drawback I found in this product was its thickness and thus it refuses to blend easily. But once it seeps into your skin, it gives you a clean feeling unlike most other sunscreens. It takes some time to dry though. Although I mix it with my daily moisturizer and use it normally, for those with oily skin like mine, I would suggest you apply the product just after a shower or wash, when the skin is soft and damp.

I will be soon giving my feedback on the other two products which was also in the goodie bag. Till then keep tweeting using  #fragrantsummers and send in your entries for the summer giveaway going on.


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fragrant Summer Giveaway

Now that I told you about how to keep it cool during summers (Spring/summer 2013 fashion trends) , I also thought I would do my part in making this heat more bearable and fun!
Summer is not just about fresh showers, minimal make-up and stylishly comfortable clothes. Its also about feeling and smelling fresh. The sweat and grime on your clothes will not only stain it but also contribute to a bad odour, which is a BIG turn-off, no matter how well you are dressed!
No, you can't stop sweating in this scorching summer (unless you are an *ac potato* types person) , but you can surely stop the bad odour that it usually brings along. Now comes the *OMG* part of the post - the Giveaway!!

A pretty 5*5 ml set of Dior Perfumes

  • Dolce Vita
  • Miss Dior
  • J'adore
  • Hypnotic Poison
  • Dior Addict to life
All that you need to do to win this set is -

  1. Subscribe through Google Friend Connect.
  2. Like + Share + Make this giveaway poster your Facebook Timeline Cover pic till the contest ends (11th May).
  3. Follow @glamshutter on twitter.

  1. Comment below your mantra of keeping the summer blues away.(write a story, make it interesting!)
  2. Tweet using #fragrantsummer.(the more, the merrier) 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

RaastaChaap Launch Giveaway


After a successful and fantastic response to the launch of Raastachaap, its now time for the other surprise that you guys have been waiting for. Any guesses?

Considering our love of gifting people with pretty things and pleasant surprises, we had a giveaway sponsored by our very own "Raastachaap" , wherein the winner gets to be a happy owner of a product from our inaugural collection, which consists of exclusive handpicked accessories from niche local Indian Bazaars.

Want to see what is it that our lady won? Have a glimpse.

And now to name the lucky lady who gets to make this hers - Gunavathy Ghun Jain. Congratulations!! 

The Happy Ghun Jain :)

Do not miss out on our updated site and varied services we provide.
And regardless to say, we would love to get your feedback on our work. :)


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring/Summer-2013 Fashion Trends

Haven't the weather lately left you running around searching for the most comfy clothes in the market, to save you from that utterly dry sunny days? It surely has me doing so, almost everyday!
But, are you willing to forego your style for the sake of comfort? Think again!
Why not fuse the two together? Here's my list from the NY and Paris runway trends that best suits the present Indian climate.


Pastels - This seems to be one trend that keeps coming back! From accessories to shoes to clothes, pastels are ruling! Added benefit being very soothing look and feel. My fav - peach and mint! (and marsh-mellows :D)

Phillip Lim

Wide legged - I hate wearing denims in this hot summer. At the same time, the harsh sun-rays can result in some bad tan. These wide legged pants come in rescue for those like me. But, this trend best suits the long-legged. For the ones on the heavier side, opt for the ones that are hip-hugging and go flared at the bottom.

Google images

Pair it up with the chunky heels to give yourself a tall look. Stock up on these thick style to go trotting comfortably anywhere.

White and Oversized ruffles - Needless to say, white is one trend that never goes off trend. Go for whites with oversized ruffles this summer to feel fresh and for the oh-so-breezy look. The ruffles also aid in hiding the flaws and at the same time giving volume to the skinny. So make sure of choosing the right fabric with ruffles covering the problem areas!


Sheer Panels and Bermudas - Looks like the pretty sheer trend is here to stay! Add twist to it by pairing it with boy Bermudas for the androgynous look. 


Sportswear Look - I have always been a fan of the twilight as well as the Harry Potter series and their hoody-capes :P. Donning a long hooded cape in this time of the year might not go down very well and so the very sporty hooded jerseys! This trend is very soon catching up as many celebs have also been spotted wearing sportswear not just while sweating it out but also during their travel.


Exaggerated volume or oversized - Simply easy-breezy and oh-so-stylish!

Jill Sander

Japanese Wrap Dress and Florals - This is one fresh trend that caught my eye as I was scrolling through various sites. The traditional Kimono is now being looked at as a promising trend. This collection by ETRO has the Japanese dress given a new twist with the length cut mid-length and going sleeveless. 


Stripes and Short suits - Do I need to say more? Personal favourite of all, stripes are all the rage this season. From horizontal to vertical to diagonal, a hay-wire clash of stripes are the win-win situation. 
The pant-suits that stormed most of the runways last season has been cut short to give way to its summer-half : Short suits. 

Michael Kors

Bold  Prints and Patchwork - make a statement by donning wild, mad, crazy, uncoordinated prints. Kaftans in crazy prints thrown over leggings or even worn as a dress will get you summer-ready!

Mara Hoffman

Proenza Schouler

The 60's Silhouettes - everybody saves the best for the last! Seen in almost all the runways, the 60's silhouette is back with a bang. All things sleek,straight and tailor-fitted!!
Keep in mind your body shape before going in for this look as its a tad bit tricky to handle!

Manish Malhotra



White Pants - Made famous by Kanye West, the white pants are a must-have this summer. Go for a rather layered look with a sweater thrown over a collared shirt or with a scarf and fitted blazer, as shown in the pic. For the more bolder ones, you can try throwing over a long overcoat or going completely white!
Keep in mind your body shape before opting for this trend. White this may be one of the post sophisticated looks of the season, if gone wrong, can make you look like complete disaster!

Primary Colours - Seen on trend-setters like Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham, this is one safe trend to try. Suits mostly all body types. Make sure to keep the classiness of the look intact by layering it up with a cardigan, sweater or coat. And yes, scarves are the "it" accessory to layer up and give that oomph to your look!!

Gallaces - Anther edgy trend that has found its way successfully from the runways to the real-ways! This look complements mostly the lean figured. 


Nautical Look - The just-out-of-the-ship-sailor look can leave any woman longing for you - exactly like the set-wet deo advertisement :D! Scrunched up out-of-your-bed hair, nerdy frames and the nautical stripes - you cold certainly not ask for anything more comfortable in this weather!

Bold Patterns and stripes - Why let the girls take away all that eye-balls! Put on some bold statement print outfits to gain your humble share of attention! From pin-stripe to bold ones to mythical prints, try it all!

Slim Suits - And yet again, the best was saved for the last. Who doesn't love to see a well-groomed man, not necessarily clean shaved but with a well trimmed stubble? Well, at least I do :P. And here too the 60's skinny look is the winner! You dont have to look like a corporate man to get this look right. The skinny suit paired with a classic bow-tie and sleek brogues - you can give even the hottest man alive a run for his money :D !!

courtesy - google images

I know everyone has their own style and taste and so would love to hear on what is/are your summer essential(s). Share it in the comments section below.