Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lavie Bloggers Contest

After doing quite a few posts on outfits and how to wear what, etc., I thought of letting the very neccesary in all occassion add-on - the "bag" - take the centre stage. After all, a women's handbag is a world within a world ;) (read this phrase somewhere and it stuck on to my head). Co-incidentally it so happened that Lavie bags are holding a contest-cum-event for some selected bloggers, one of them being me yay!!! :D . Haven't heard of Lavie? Yes, the same one where Kareena goes for a black bag but chooses an orange and a blue and many more ( no, I can't buy that many Lavies its too expensinve :/ ). But but but! you should check out their collection, awesome I must say!
Ok, for those who don't know about Lavie, I'll give you some gyaan. Launched in 2010, Lavie is a fashion lifestyle brand that targets the consummate genY young woman who is multi-faceted and successful, independent and vivacious.It imbibes the dynamism of colours, youth and spunk. The brand embodies the free and young spirit of the new age young Indian woman who values her individuality and is high on life. Lavie accentuates the spirit of Me, Myself and I.
Phew! All that info is copy-pasted from their website. In my words, Lavie is for those who are independent, strong and inevitably stylish! (and rich too!)
Back to the details of the Lavie Bloggers Contest. To be held this Tuesday,30th of April, at the Palladium, Lower Parel, where 15 eminent fashion bloggers display their Summer Style Looks for SS 13.

I went through their collection and was way too confused as to which one suits my style the best. Atlast I went in with the "Coconut Medium Tote" in red and beige. Totes are handbags which are also known as carry-alls and are large roomy bags ideal for all belongings of a woman.They have 2 different variety in the product - red & beige and red & pink. I chose the red & beige as it will go with about anything, from casual florals to classy formals! The make of the bag is very handy, spacious and easy to carry.

Now, only pairing it right will help flaunt its true essence. For the same, keeping the weather in mind, I chose to pair it with these pastel mint-coral spring flower pallazo-vest pant suit from

Pair this ultra comfortable and stylish pant suit inspired from the 1940's lawn suit with Coconut Medium Tote in red & beige and you will look no less than the diva "Kareena" herself!

I would seriously suggest you guys to go have a look at their collection. Though at the higher side on the price bar, all their bags speak class and are sturdy and is certainly value for money. After all, Lavie goes by the saying, judge a man by his shoes and a woman by her handbag!!


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