Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Feet Trails | How to : PediCure |

And finally we are here with another Vlog! And nah! this ain't any regular review. This is kind of a tutorial video for your feet! A simple yet effective pedicure, that one can do at his/her own comfort zone! Now, you don't expect me to explain the benefits and importance of a good pedicure, do you? ;) 
Show your feet some love, they will love you back more for that!! :)

Love N Luck

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Daughter's Day with Ayesha.

So here is what we all have been excited about. This daughter's day, parents, surprise your daughters with some preppy goodies and daughters, gift your precious mom/dad something ultra stylish. Tempted? Roll over and participate in the giveaway held by GlamShutter in association with Ayesha Accessories


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  • Parents, share with us those precious moments with your daughters.
  • Daughters, share with us those precious moments with your parents.
Now, isn't that a really easy and pleasant way to surprise your loved one? So why wait? Just get started!

        .............................. Contest Closed ..............................

Thank you all for participating in the contest and sharing your lovely memories with us. We are glad to announce the two winners who will receive goodies from Ayesha Accessories 
worth INR 1500 each.

Love N Luck

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Crop your way up

Being a fashion blogger for the last several months, all I have done is talk about having an individual style. But what I have always missed out on is the writing style. Yes, a fashion "blogger" also has her own style of writing. Everyone knows it, but nobody acknowledges it (by everyone, I mean their own selves too!). And its just not in the case of bloggers but everyone. Writing is another basic criteria defining your individuality and nobody can take that away from you. Having said that, "let no one take that way from you"! There is no such thing as a bad writer or a good writer. If you can put across the message you want to send to your audience, well, you have done your work! Its just lately that I realized that my readers are not just mere followers of my style but also the way I communicate with them. Its your words that make you a survivor in platforms like this, don't you agree?

Wearing a peppy shade from Maybelline's new range of neon matte lippies - MAT3

Shoes and Crop Top - Bandra Thrift
Bag - Tibetan Plaza, Bangalore

Love N Luck!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Golden Touch

They say "Its better late than never!" And I think they are true :D

Yes, Lakme Fashion Week was the buzzword all through last week. New labels, new designers, reviews, interviews, wishlists - that was what filled my Facebook News Feed. Now, it seems to have come a notch lower. The Lakme Fashion Week fever is nearly dying but here I am, late as usual. No, I am not reviewing any of the shows, neither am I telling out my wishlist, though I have my own personal favourites. I am too self-obsessed as you might know by now so its again going to be just my pictures :D.

I attended the LFW on the last day of the event, as a blogger on behalf of my college. It was a hot day so I chose to go simple. I wore a coral dress with cream colored frilly sandals and an off white sling. Gold, being the color of the season, I incorporated some of it in my outfit. A thin gold belt and mesh gold neck piece layered under my peter-pan collar dress, and I was good to go!

Dress - Sepia
 Bag and Footwear - Bandra Linking Road
 Neck piece - Limeroad
 Ring - Pantaloons
Earrings - Bangalore

Love N Luck