Monday, 26 May 2014

Cafe Coffee Day Style Icon

Heya people! 
Its been been so so long, I saw my own blog haha! Things have been so busy that I thought I would take a break and come back with lots of cool stuff. But seeing the rising temperatures of Mumbai, I thought I'd write in some tips on keeping it cool. And what better than some cool colors?

Nah! M not talking about donning florals and pastels. You are anyways, aren't you? What I have here today is a list of coolers to calm that heated up body of yours!

CCD held a very springy summery event last month to launch their newest range of coolers - brain freeze. Haven't tried them yet? Then hold on, I'm gonna tell you what's worth trying and whats not.

I was glad to be one of their style icons. After a super sexy make-up session by Marvie ann beck academy, we headed to CCD to taste the drinks. It surely was such a happy feeling to hold the ice cold glasses on reaching there in the scorching sun. But a sip of my first drink, and I wasn't that impressed. Green apple cooler had a refreshing feel but was way too sweet for my taste buds. Same with berry blush. Cool blue has always been in the menu and have been a family favourite, trust me! But what I liked was ice berg. Smooth icy coffee blended to perfection, add to that some smoked chicken sandwich. Yes, its a bit too sweet when it melts, but u can't deny it really makes you soothe. And which lady does not like coffee???!

Make-up : Marvie Ann Beck l Styling : Amaze Styling l Wardrobe : Roxy and Superdry

I wish we had better pictures, but then again I wasn't really happy with my outfit so I'm glad there aren't any :D. As for my make up, I loved my eyes! 

Love N Luck

Friday, 29 November 2013

Picture Perfect Dreams

We are all born with a dream. Sometimes our dreams change, sometimes it doesn't. But what is it that makes dreams come true? Your self confidence? Motivation? Peer and family support? Will power and determination? The answer is a big YES to all these. But what would you do if you have all the support and confidence and motivation and determination in the world but still, there is something missing that's stopping you? I'll rather re-frame it - What could still stop you from reaching your goal that you always wanted to achieve?
A chance. An opportunity. In a broader sense , The Perfect Platform. A public performance for a musician, workshop for an actor, fashion weeks for budding designers, exhibition for an artist/photographer and even a garage sale for the budding entrepreneur! The boost such platforms give to aspirants is undeniable. A fair chance is what everyone deserves. 
Now, you remember us telling you guys that we have good news for all the aspiring female models, right? Here's your chance to step into the world of your dreams! 

The hunt for the "Perfect Miss Mumbai" is on! Go register yourselves here to be part of one of the most glamorous pageants. For more details visit or get in touch with us. Wishing you best of luck. Hope to see you there!

Love N Luck

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Friday, 1 November 2013

Celebrations Never End

Minions courtesy

Don't we all feel the same way during every festival? And do you realise that you are gearing up for another festival just as soon as the on-going one gets over? Yes, celebrations never end, or rather, our reasons never end! We are always on a lookout for reasons to buy new clothes, meet people, visit relatives and having fun. And now that you know your abode is a very busy place throughout the year, don't you feel you should keep it smelling fresh always? 

Try the new festive range of Godrej Aer Home and Car fragrances to headstart your celebration with all things fragrant. Also, do let me know which fragrance you like best.

Love N Luck

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Monday, 28 October 2013

A sweet tradition!

You guys must be wondering whats with me and my constant posts on festivals, especially Diwali. Well, my Durga Puja went utterly sad and for a bong thats a total heartbreak :D . So I am trying to cover up for those lost days during Diwali. My college doesnt give us much of holidays you know so there's not much I can do to celebrate all the festivals lavishly with heavily laden table full of delicacies and sweetmeats. Also, I have a retarded digestive system that does not allow me to gorge on outside food much. The solution? I have to treat myself, always! :D
But then, is cooking easy? Certainly not for someone who has a 10 to 6 college timings :/ . But greedy that I am, I wanted to treat myself and my friends to something different, that too a sweet dish. And today, I am sharing with you the recipe of that. This is so basic, even a 5 year old can make it ;) But it tastes awesome! So share the sweetness with your family, friends and guests this festive season.

  1. Sponge Cake (infact any cake will do)
  2. Chocolate Syrup
  3. Fresh tropical fruits, finely chopped (of your choice)
  4. Dry fruits (the only "traditional" ingredient in the list :D)
  5. Condensed Milk or Strawberry Syrup
  6. Fresh Cream or Vanilla ice-cream

  1. Take a flat surface bowl and base it with crumbled cake
  2. Top it up with a layer of chocolate syrup
  3. Now, add another layer of crumbled cake and spread the fruits evenly
  4. Now, spread condensed milk or strawberry syrup on the fruit layer and top it up with dry fruits of your choice
  5. Set it in the fridge for like half and hour
  6. Serve it with a scoop of fresh cream or vanilla ice-cream on top. 
"Your dish should look somewhat like this"  Image Source
If you are to be more experimental, add your own layers and don't forget to tell me! :)
And next time you have guests, serve them this. You dont have to be traditional always. A change from the usual is sure to make a lasting impression. 
There is just one drawback to this dish though, it has no lingering smell that most freshly cooked traditionla dishes leave behind. So keep your house smelling fresh with the new range of Godrej Aer.

Try the new festive range of Godrej Aer Home and Car fragrances to headstart your celebration with all things fragrant. Also, do let me know which fragrance you like best.

Love N Luck
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Saturday, 26 October 2013

This Festive Season Bring Mother Nature Home

Diwali is still almost a week away but lets face it, India has already started celebrating. Not necessarily by bursting patakas but by lighting up the house, buying new clothes, dusting up the house, calling friends and family over for the yearly reunion and so on. The streets in my colony are filled with vendors selling diyas of different shapes, sizes and colours. More than the festival itself, its the "getting-ready" phase of a festival that invokes a very exciting feeling in me :D.
But this year, the monsoons have decided to stay till october and this pro-longed guest is the cause for a very damp house that smells stale. Atleast mine does :/ . So I took up my mom's advice and planted some in-house plants. She gave me names of a list of plants of which I am gonna share some with you here.
Lets get ready for a fresh Diwali !! ;)
We all have heard about the benefits of Aloevera. There are many ayurvedic company even selling its juice. But aloe vera plant not only helps with skin burns and issues but also with filtering various gas emission from dangerously toxic materials and it claims to possess tons of medicinal properties as well.
Image Source
No one can ignore the beauty of Marginata, a plant that has glossy thin leaves with red edges. It is a slow-growing flowering houseplant with very few growing requirements. It also not only removes formaldehyde(found in cigarettes, wooden furnishings,  and benzene(found in glue, paints, plastics, etc) from the air, but some other toxins present as well. But the plant can be poisonous to dogs so do place is carefully.
Image Source
The Gerber daisy, a bright flowering plant, is effective at removing trichloroethylene(comes from dry-cleaning) and benzene. Place it in your laundry room or bedroom but make sure it gets a lot of light.
Image Source
The colourful Chrysanthemums have always fascinated me, especially after I read a very touching short story revolving around this flower. Its colourful flowers protect you from benzene and also brightens up your homes. Place it in a place where it will get ample sunlight.
Image Source
Last but not the least - the Lucky Bamboo! The best part about this plant is that it can be placed even in your cars. Its small in size, needs indirect sunlight, can grow only in water and does not need soil, and then, its supposedly lucky! Need anymore reasons? Just change the water (soft or filtered water) every 2 weeks to keep it glowing green always.
Image Source
And for those very lazy ones (like me), freshen up your homes with the new godrej aer series.
Try the new festive range of Godrej Aer Home and Car fragrances to headstart your celebration with all things fragrant. Also, do let me know which fragrance you like best.

Love N Luck
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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Festive season DIY Gifts

In my previous post, I shared with you guys the most exciting reason I look forward to festivals. But is one reason enough? Tch tch! Not for me :D 

There are many more reasons the country celebrates all these festivals for throughout the year. New clothes, matching jewellery and shoes, vacations, cousin get-togethers, pandal hopping, happy faces all around and lovely gifts!What really excites me are gifts, simply because they are unexpected. You never know what you might just get. Dont you love that excitement filled feeling just before you open a gift pack from your loved one? 

And so, the other day I was wondering what could I gift my friends and family this Diwali to make things more special. And after hopping through numerous shops, I thought why not gift something hand-made? Not only does it make your folks feel loved, it is also lighter on your pockets. And the biggest benefit, its interesting! Don't believe me? 
Try these simple DIYs I found online and I bet you will want to do more such interesting stuff.

Scented candles are undoubtedly the perfect gift for your loved ones. Simple and refreshing, learn how to make Cinnamon Candles here.

Laddoos wrapped in colorful crepe paper and ends tied with ribbons. Gifting these will make you the kid's favourite ;) .
source courtesy
Last but not the least - Hand made soaps! No it isnt as tough as you may think if you follow these simple steps to make this Herbs and Citrus Soap

All said and one, did you notice anything similar between the above 3 DIYs? Yes ofcourse, the fragrance! Some way or the other Indian festivals have been  closely associated with fragrances. 
Try the new festive range of Godrej Aer Home and Car fragrances to headstart your celebration with all things fragrant. Also, do let me know which fragrance you like best.

Love N Luck
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Friday, 18 October 2013

Fragrant Festivals with Godrej Aer

source courtesy
India is always a festive country. Small occasions like "Ghar ka Puja", big occasions like Holi and Diwali, personal occasions like Birthdays and Weddings, self-made occasions like promotion and graduation - we find endless reasons to celebrate! And what is that first thing that comes to your mind whenever you go to a festival or are invited to an occasion almost equal to a festival?
Yes of course! I am talking about FOOD! The festival air is laden with the smell of food whether at the streets or at homes. Sharing with you my favourite festivals based on "food value" :D :D. 

Eid-ul-fitr or Meethi Eid - The whiff of condensed milk and raisins, Heaven!
source courtesy
Christmas - I am a die-hard non vegetarian. I look forward to Christmas for all different kinds of meat preparation, right from roasted turkey to duck meat to pork ribs. (Damn, my mouth's already watering :/ ) . After that, the array of desserts. Its like every house in the colony smells like the town's best bakery.
source courtesy
Diwali - This is one time of the year when I can survive on sweetdishes throughout the day. Balushahis for breakfast, Puri with Shrikhand for lunch and Halwa and Barfi for dinner. Ghee is the essence/flavour/smell of the season, no kidding.
source courtesy
Onam - I dislike coconuts to the core, but then there's something in Onam Sadhya dishes that I love inspite of it being soaked in coconut oil. From crispy fried banana chips to tangy rasam, its coconutty-tangy (my word) :p
source courtesy
Durga Puja - No bengali will ever not list down "Bhoger Khichudi" as their utmost favourite. The aromatic gobindobhog rice mixed with roasted moong dal - your mouth's already watering?
source courtesy
But tadaaaa!!! Reality check - festivals dont last forever and neither does the aroma in the air. So does that mean "end to good smelling homes"? Hell no! You should always keep your lovely homes smelling equally good so why not invest in a good air freshener?

Try the new festive range of Godrej Aer Home and Car fragrances to headstart your celebration with all things fragrant. Also, do let me know which fragrance you like best.

Love N Luck

P.S. - This post is a part of Godrej Aer promotion campaign

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Daughter's Day with Ayesha.

So here is what we all have been excited about. This daughter's day, parents, surprise your daughters with some preppy goodies and daughters, gift your precious mom/dad something ultra stylish. Tempted? Roll over and participate in the giveaway held by GlamShutter in association with Ayesha Accessories


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  • Parents, share with us those precious moments with your daughters.
  • Daughters, share with us those precious moments with your parents.
Now, isn't that a really easy and pleasant way to surprise your loved one? So why wait? Just get started!

        .............................. Contest Closed ..............................

Thank you all for participating in the contest and sharing your lovely memories with us. We are glad to announce the two winners who will receive goodies from Ayesha Accessories 
worth INR 1500 each.

Love N Luck

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Independence Day Contest (closed)

So here is the much awaited contest we have been talking about! This independence day get freedom from your biggest skin worries with GlamShutter in association with Thalgo India!!

Contest Rules -

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The more your interaction, the more your chances of winning a voucher from Thalgo worth a whooping 2500 INR!!!

So what are you waiting for! Hurry!

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Thank You all for participating in the contest! 
Congratulations Ms Manju Nihalani! You have won yourself Thalgo Products worth Rs. 2500/- to get freedom from your skin worries. 

Love N Luck

Sunday, 14 April 2013

How I met the Sun

graphic courtesy -

This event wasn't just another one. It was GRAND, at the JW Marriott, Juhu on 7th of April with lots of fun, games, gossip, food, umbrellas and yellow-ness!
The meet was conducted by Indiblogger and Neutrogena India. Now these brand needs no introduction, does it? 

The Venue - JW MARRIOTT, Juhu
The event was smartly planned wherein they started off with fun games in the first half and the real "gyaan" was kept for the second half. Words would not do justice to the fun we had so I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

All these activities were bound to leave us starving so they arranged for snacks, which pretty much looked like an array of lunch and dinner dishes combined(it still makes me drool :P ).

We were in for a pretty surprise after the sumptuous meal. On the guest list was Tara Sharma-an avid blogger herself. 

She explained, how she turned her blog about motherhood into a talk show - The TaraSharma Show. She also spoke a few lines about Neutrogena before fumbling and struggling hard to pronounce the word "dermatologist" :D. But respect the lady for her work!

Oh! I forgot to mention a very interesting fact about this meet. The blogger's ranged from 13 years to 60 years of age.

Then was the gyaan session. We all know everything comes for a cost so now time for some gyaan. Entered the real dermatologist, Dr. Pareek, with some equipment that apparently radiates UV rays equivalent to that of the sun.

An on-the-spot experiment was done to show us the amount of damage even 15 seconds of exposure to the direct sun can do to our skin and also demonstrated how Neutrogena ultra sheer sunblock can protect us from such impacts.

A unique technology has been used in manufacturing Neutrogena products - Helioplex. Scratching your head? My reaction too was the same. I did my bit of research on this and this is what I got to know.

Helioplex is a type of sun protection that provides broad spectrum protection for the skin. It is the first sun protection technology to effectively combine the ingredients avobenzone and oxybenzone for maximum ultraviolet light protection. The technology guards the skin from both ultraviolet A(UVA)and ultraviolet B(UVB) sun rays.

Neutrogena developed the Helioplex technology in 2005. It was first introduced in the company’s line of Ultra Sheer Sunblocks with SPF 55. Helioplex was engineered to provide stabilization to the sunscreen ingredients in order to prevent the sun from breaking down their effectiveness.

But they dint let us out yawning and drowsy after all that gyaan. It ended with some crazy Harlem Shake and the goodies. YES, you read it right The Neutrogena Harlem Shake !!!

I used the product the very next day to college so that I could give an instant feedback. Comes in a handy tube package with a pleasant mild smell, the only drawback I found in this product was its thickness and thus it refuses to blend easily. But once it seeps into your skin, it gives you a clean feeling unlike most other sunscreens. It takes some time to dry though. Although I mix it with my daily moisturizer and use it normally, for those with oily skin like mine, I would suggest you apply the product just after a shower or wash, when the skin is soft and damp.

I will be soon giving my feedback on the other two products which was also in the goodie bag. Till then keep tweeting using  #fragrantsummers and send in your entries for the summer giveaway going on.