Saturday, 21 September 2013

Daughter's Day with Ayesha.

So here is what we all have been excited about. This daughter's day, parents, surprise your daughters with some preppy goodies and daughters, gift your precious mom/dad something ultra stylish. Tempted? Roll over and participate in the giveaway held by GlamShutter in association with Ayesha Accessories


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  • Parents, share with us those precious moments with your daughters.
  • Daughters, share with us those precious moments with your parents.
Now, isn't that a really easy and pleasant way to surprise your loved one? So why wait? Just get started!

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Thank you all for participating in the contest and sharing your lovely memories with us. We are glad to announce the two winners who will receive goodies from Ayesha Accessories 
worth INR 1500 each.

Love N Luck


  1. To My Lovely dad,
    1 : used to make me brush at early morning , as he is a dentist !!
    2 : he use to drop me in school
    3 : he used to tell awesome stories at bed time when im in schooling age
    4 : he used to take me out in Car for fresh air at the time of power cut.
    5 : he used to help at the time of exams,when im worrying about lots of doubts , what ever dad tells imp questions..those questions are pakka on the question paper.
    6: he used to take me to out after completion of exams
    7 : he make me learnt who to rids a cycle, pep & car now :)
    8 : He always gives me a company , when i want to watch horror movies at night .
    9 : He always encourages me when i do good things.
    10 : we both used to comment mom's food at dinner time...
    Dad I Loves U Lot ....
    Never & Ever Wanna Miss All Those Things
    Even I Get Married :)
    From Ur Lovely Daughter....

  2. I think I was one of those difficult children who are very bullheaded and troublesome.It's quite a task to bring them up gracefully.
    But God sent this exceptionally composed a lady n a man in my life in the form of my Guru,my PARENTS.Her unconditional love made a beautiful daughter and a good human being.
    I love myself today because of the way dey bought me up in a Lady like manner,inculcated good values and the correct attitude in me.
    Every moment is a best moment with parents.
    But as everyone I also have some special ones.
    It was my twenty fifth birthday…a day that I will treasure for lifetime. A huge cake, a bouquet of 25 red roses and my mom’s sumptuous dinner made my day… I love them to pieces and want to thank them for everything they have done for me.
    LAst i dedicate these lines for them --
    "You gave me wings and made me fly
    You touched my hand I could touch the sky
    I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
    You said no star was out of reach
    You stood by me and I stood tall
    I had your love I had it all
    I'm grateful for each day you gave me
    Maybe I don't know that much
    But I know this much is true
    I was blessed because I was loved by you ...."

  3. In my entire life I have never seen a single tear in my father's eyes. But at the time of my vidai he cried , First time I saw tears in his eyes. It was very difficult to see him with lot of sentimental situation.
    I gave birth to my baby 62 days ago, when my father see my baby he looked into my eyes. His loving and full of emotions eyes touched my heart . His eyes explaind the happiness , he is feeling without saying a single word.
    One more incident I want to share ...
    Once when I was in hostel, my mobile's battery got discharged and he was trying to contact me but not able to contact me. He was so worried , immediately he came to my hostel to see me by traveling 9 hours by bus.
    I love you dad. " You make the world a better place for me".

  4. My parents the person I love the most in this world and it's very, very hard to describe the relationship I have with them because they completes me totally. They are my right hand,,, They are my second half. If I take a second to imagine what life would be like without them. We love each other very much. They helps me in a lot of different ways.My Parents Rocks because They gave me birth & beautiful life . My Parents means the world to me. They are very supportive and caring.They never let me feel lonely or alone while growing up. I respect and admire them for being my pillar of support through the years. A strict disciplinarian, who scolded me often -- that's what my Parents used to mean to me.. He never charted my life and allowed me to follow my passion.
    My Parents everything for me because They are the only one who could fulfill the 3 T's in the world whereby no one could. 3 T's = TRUST, TRUTH and TOLERANCE"
    My Parents plays an essential role in my Life. Many things are learned & many things are taught. Some of the most meaningful moments spent with my Parents in my life… I am very attached with my Parents. My Parents takes care of all little things of my life...Having Parents like them one of the greatest blessings in my life. My Parents always taught me these words: care and share.My Parents not a teacher but They taught me the most valuable things in life, how to live a worthy life.My Parents not a doctor but They always been there when I m not feeling well and pray to take those sickness away.My Parents not a soldier but They face battles for me,My Parents been the best protector and an enemy of those who tried to hurt me. My Parents not a fairy but They reach for the stars above to make my wishes and dreams come true. My Parents always encourage me to try my best, and support me one hundred and ten percent. I'm the only one of my friends that knows how, which make me feel smart, They would do almost anything to see me happy..
    I remember those days when there was holidays and my Dad was at home, it was celebration time. Whenever my Dad had more than a day off, family drive down to our farm house to spend some quality times. We love greenery and there is nothing like having dinner with the entire family under a starlite sky: its almost priceless…:)))
    They always taught me to stay grounded, not lose touch with your real self.When ever I saw My Parents, They would put a smile on my face.
    I Love My Parents :))

    "My Parents are as Busy as a Bee , My Parents are as Sweet as Honey ,My Parents are as Nice as Dolphin"

  5. I am really proud to be my mum's n dad's daughter. They have been always there for me. They always did what I wanted. They always support my decisions. Nobody from our family ever went to another place for higher studies but since I wanted so that too being a girl they allowed me to go :)

  6. A daughter,
    from her baby days,
    right through her fun-filled teens,
    is a charmer and a mischief & a angel in blue jeans...
    She's a dreamer and a doer,
    with bright stars in her eyes,
    She's a singer of small treasures,
    a hoarder of the phone,
    She's a giver of unexpected hugs for reasons all her own...
    She's a sharer and carer in a way that's warm and dear
    i love you Shranya chhabra

  7. daughter are star that shine and bright up our life. daughter have more attachment than boys .they are ocean of love,affection,care, warmness. my doll is 3 yrs but whenever i am upset she is the one who bring smile on my face.she is my life and i love her so very much.

  8. as such all moments are the fantastic with my daughter but Most precious one is when my daughter topped the university & My husband & I were welcomed by university head because of my daughter.. That entry moment of we three together is most special for me.

  9. my parents are my best friends. While growing up, my mother and father always told me that they would always be there for me no matter what problems I face and not to get scared from them and hide something. Many times I use to hide some facts and use to get angry on them for punishing me , enforcing rules , and restricting me from doing the things that i wanted. At that time, they were the last people i would consider my friends. However, as i have grown and matured with age , i have come to realize one thing i never did before ,my parents are my best friends. With their love and guidance, I am what I am today , now I understand that their strictness on me was necessary for my good upbringing .

  10. Hi, nice Giveaway on Daughters Day :)

    All steps done. The facebook post url (where i have shared this and tagged 10 friends):

    I think my parents' unconditional and unrelenting love is my only true asset in this lifetime. When mom was recuperating in hospital post surgery, despite her medication that induced sleep, she never could go to sleep until I had reached home from hospital and spoken to her. My most precious moments in life therefore are those that are entwined in the security and warmth bestowed by my parents.


  11. She is "FACE OF OUR LOVE " Reason to Smile,sing,dance,

  12. The most precious moment for me was my my parents did my kanyadaan. It is very difficult for me to explain that moment.Mixed feeling for all of us.I was haapy to enter my new life and sad too as I was leaving my parents behind.For them also it was difficult.There were tears of happiness and sadness both at same time in our eyes.

  13. Daughter is special because She Brings Smiles to your Joy ,
    She is the Investment that gets doubled each day , every time ,
    Her Laugh brings the whole empty home to life ,
    The Twinkle in her eyes and the Growing Heels she buys make her grow tall but you know she will never leave you aside ,
    She will change from Vaseline to Lip Gloss ,
    But She will always be Mumma's Angel an Daddy's Little Girl , Their World! My baby Bhaavya love u

  14. My beloved MOM
    You loved very much my baby crawling days
    And hair turns grey!
    When time passes and we both grow old,
    I will still carry on and I still always hold!
    And sometimes hopes are disturbed, and problems are surrounded!
    I will still be there, I will always take care!
    We will walk together with hand in hand!
    I will always loves you and support in each and every work!
    Till End of Life!

  15. For me, my mum's the world. From putting up with my tantrums to being my best friend.
    Till date, no matter what I'm doing I need her advice for everything.
    And above all, fashion advice. I love love love to shop. She's done her Fashion Designing from SNDT when it started way back in the 80's. I just can't shop without her. Not even a single hair pin #Truestory.
    I am 21, a working girl yet I make sure that i go shopping only with her.
    Once we even got into brief argument about two pretty chiffon tops when i had already over-shopped. She liked one, i liked the other one. After arguing for over 20 minutes, we ended up by BOTH of them!

    This has been going on for years & will continue forever.

    Love my Mom & we love shopping! ♡♥

  16. happy daughter's day...taking part in the contest too

  17. my entry for my daughter: िबन मंागे िमल जाए जैसे बड़ी खुशी
    चुपके से घर में उतरे छत से बहार
    माटी की सोंधी ख़ुशबू सा भीगा-भीगा
    दबे पाँव आया मुझ तक बेटी का प्यार।।

    कौन हूँ मैं पूछा करता ख़ुद से अक्सर
    क्यूँ दो पल ना चैन मुझे, ना िदल को करार
    उसके बचपन की शोख़ी में जाना मैंने
    उसकी भलाई में जीना, जीने का सार।।

  18. As a daughter also I will like to participate for my parents: The one thing and probably the only thing parents want from us is little time for them We are so busy in our present lives that we forget the moments shared with our parents when we were kids, the one rupee which mummy gave for ice cream from her saved money, the new raincoat that papa brought while himself being completely wet.. makes me so nostalgic and wanting to leave everything and stay with my beloved parents...

  19. 'Daughter is special because they symbolizes love and affection of their parents, a princess to her father and pride to her mother, identity of her family and veins to her family's culture, values and upbringing. Daughters are like liquids; they can be mold into any shape and size and takes the shape of the container, they are very understanding and matured which is basically injected into them by their parents from a tender age, they are the hope and old age support of their parents and they stood like a wall with their parents during tragic incidents providing moral support, they are the gift of god to their parents and a symbol of goddess Durga, Saraswati, Laxmi, Kali, etc which makes them an unique combo of tough like diamond from outside and butter from inside. They are like a star that shines along with its surroundings lightening her family and friends but fades away in the dark alone shedding tears, they know how to value relationships and keeping the tradition intact and move forward in this fast moving world and this makes them great


    Myself is Kalpana Dhar. My mail id is: At the top i am sending a link where u can see the best and sweet moment of life where my sweet little fairy Guria has gone for a new bob cut boy's hair-cut. Though its a 27-28 yrs old picture still it refreshes my mind where my daughter has suddenly come up from saloon with his father and we all together had a wonderful snap. I still feel that my Ladli is the Best and any Hair-Cut suits her because she is the princess. I still cant believe that God has provided me with such an unbelievable and best gift of my life. Happy Daughters Day.Pray to God that Every time when i will be born i will give birth to u my Jaan-my daughter-Radha.

  21. I share a wonderful relationship with my parents. They are my SUPER-MOM and SUPER-DAD. They've been the most loving and supportive parents. Even if they haven't always agreed with me and the things I’ve wanted to do, they have always been there for me once I’ve made my final decisions. They've especially been there for me when I’ve failed, and never said “I told you so” or “You’ve failed”; they just quietly stood by my side, protecting me against the world as much as possible. They've been a good spouse to each other. I would never have been able to respect my parents as a person if I didn’t feel that they valued each other as much as each of them deserved.My Parents always stand up for the people and ideas they believe in, no matter the personal cost. They always have put their money and their heart on the line for everything they believe in, often at great sacrifice to themselves. They showed me the importance of being true to myself no matter what. They taught me that "there is no shame in knowing what you know and standing up for yourself." No matter how big or small my differences with others, my parents have always assured me of the importance of staying me and being proud of myself for the person I am. Plus, they are the one, I can sit around and complain about things with. Then, we pick up the pieces and make things better.

    In addition to these qualities, my dad is constantly learning how to do new things. When something breaks, my dad is the first to dive head first into it and learn how to fix it himself. He might bang his head a bit, but he never gives up when he wants to know how to do something. I’ve never met anyone else I can say this about. He likes gadgets and gizmos. He always understood when I wanted a new gadget or gizmo as a kid. In fact, he usually knew about them before me. Dad can accomplish amazing feats in record time and he can figure out how to do things faster and with less money, more fun, and more ingenuity, than anyone I know. He can drive any type of vehicle in any type of situation. He also seems to have x-ray vision since he can sum up whole situations (and people) in a millisecond.
    My Mom, on the other hand, loved buying cool toys and computers for me (and herself :P) and playing with them right along side of me. She also surprised us often by taking us to the movies, having already figured out which ones would appeal to me the most (she was always right).


  22. The best moment of my life was, holding my new born baby in my hands, first time ever...this was the culmination of a never ending wait for someone who was existing, moving & breathing along with, this was the moment when time stood still and I became the happiest person on this Earth.
    My lil daughter AANYA has brightened my entire life the day she came into my lap giving me the courage and responsibility to take care of a living being......and each moment of my existence has bloomed like a festival, watching her grow from a tiny tot into a beautiful tear of her could make me melt and one small smile could erase all my, nothing can be more special than the love of a daughter


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