Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bloggers meet - and Soulflower

A really really long time since I have posted anything!
Sincere apologies for being so inactive :P
Over this month, a lot happened.
I met some of the most pleasing and beautiful bloggers in Mumbai and elsewhere, and made some good blogger friends too.

My first blogger meet was the Samsung Party Bloggers. After that, it was the fabulous meet conducted by and soulflower on 17th March '13, Inorbit Mall, Mumbai. officially launched their very new and interesting concept, salon finder, at this meet. This feature allows you to search for nearby salons in your area, making it much more easier to choose where you would head to get pampered! Not just that, you also get to review your experience and give your own recommendations.

So its just not restaurants but also your beauty salons which are now just a click away with Purplle!

 We entered Spaghetti kitchen, not to be welcomed by the smell of freshly baked bread and cheese, but the fresh aroma of all things natural! Yes! Soulflower products. Amazingly fresh and notoriously playful ;)

They have a hoard loads of products (check here) under the brand but what grabbed my attention were these tiny aromatherapy roll-ons fused with nourishing vitamins and oils. Yes you heard it right!!! "AROMATHERAPY"- use of essential oils from plants for healing conditions like anxiety, stress and depression.

I have never come across something so wonderful. In love with all the variants. But I will be reviewing just the 2 scents I have in my goodie bag. (blame the human memory for forgetting the other smells)

Energy Boost  
It surpasses the strength its name holds. To me, its energy blast! Wore it to college the next day and I was good all day. Even my late lunch of "dal-chawal" din't make me drowsy!! :D
Its strong peppermint aroma truly revitalises your senses and uplifts your mood. 

Feel Sexy 
A very woody yet sweet and floral smell that lingers all day. Passionate and sensuous, it lives up to its name ;) 

I give it bonus points for its compact packaging (8ml), making it "wallet"-friendly. Priced at INR 100, I recommend it to everyone!

After a sumptuous lunch, Natasha Tuli, co-founder of Soulflower, demonstrated us how to make skin-friendly and delicious smelling strawberry and cream soap in barely half an hour! I swear I could eat that :D


Last but not the least, this is what I wore to the event - the theme being summer in shades of pink or purple

I thoroughly enjoyed my first official bloggers meet and would be really glad if you could give me feedback in form of comments below.