Thursday, 31 January 2013

Master Class - Anurag Basu


This week has been very pleasant for the glamshutter team. First, it was the elegant SRIDEVI. And then, the man behind Gangster, Life in a Metro and Barfi! Yes! It was Anurag Basu this time. 
Meeting him was infact a very intriguing moment. A man who started off making movies that tackled the themes of dark passion and adultery, is one of the most interesting person to interact with. Seen here in a crisp white shirt and denims, sharing his personal experiences with us and how it is all about his instincts that urge him to take up a project or not, this man left no stone unturned in answering all our queries. Very down to earth, very humble.

"I just knew that I wanted to be in the media industry and work as a director. But when I landed in Mumbai, I knew no one. I started off working as a background dancer in television, then was a make-up assistant for sometime before I got my call. It was not an easy walk to where I am now. I chose an untrodden path, my own way, and have become the person you know me as now."

His words of wisdom to all - "There is no wrong or right way to reach your goal. Always be prepared because opportunity may come in disguise. Its your instincts that should guide you."

Monday, 28 January 2013

Sridevi @ WWI

So guess who we met last week at Whistling Woods International?
A true beauty at the age of 49, Sridevi looks almost a decade younger and is fit as a fiddle!
These pics were taken during our "master-class" session with the cast and crew of "English Vinglish", where she made a comeback after 15 years, at my college. Sounds interesting, isn't it? And yes! I do get to spot a lot more other famous figures too ;)

Flanked on both sides by Mr Subhash Ghai, Chairman of WWI and Gauri Shinde, Director of English Vinglish

Mint ruffled top paired with beige trousers. Silver bling sandals adds to her glamour :)

her fuchsia lips and golden link-strap watch dint go unnoticed!

She completed her look with her Chanel Dark Beige Caviar Classic Flap Bag.

(images courtesy-Whistling Woods International. Glamshutter doesn't hold any copyrights)

I think she could have done complete justice to the whole look had she left her nails nude. Whats your take on it? Leave your views in the comments section below :)


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Beach Therapy


Who does not love the sea? The beach is a place of healing and joy. The salt cleanses us and the sun embraces us in its warmth. The ocean heals the heart, mind, and soul.

electric blue dress from H&M and metallic necklace from ginger accesories 

"At the beach, life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun."

the untidy bun and bikini peek-a-boo

Very comfortable and quick drying - thin cottons.
The color "blue" - Cool.
Hair - pulled back and messy.
Shades - metallic tinted.
Accessories - Turquoise blue sling and silver chunky neckpiece.
Mood - Relaxed! 


Sunday, 20 January 2013

When Ethnic meets Vintage


Polka dots are a fashion must-haves for every woman. A vintage trend like polka dots never go out of fashion. It's a style for all seasons, an incredibly timeless option for glitter girls of all ages!

In the fast changing world of fashion, Indian fashion has stood its ground graciously over all these years. The
 Prints of Bagru, unlike other prints, involve a different kind
 of printing. In the process, the desired design is 
engraved on a wooden block first and then the carved block 
is used for replicating the design in the preferred color on the 

Seen here is a mix of the two - vintage and ethnic!

pretty pink with silver polka dotted "dupatta" worn as a waistband over a short ethnic printed kurti. Accessorized with colourful bangles on one hand....

Wooden bangles(on the other ofcourse!) and earrings. Floral Bagru Print on the kurti.

and a happy and playful girl!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ripples of Pearl

Its always fascinating to see pretty ripples of water right?
Ever thought about capturing the process? 
Sounds intriguing, but tough eh?

I took this with my dslr and my mumma's tawa. 
Want to know how I did it? check here

Droplets - Fast Shutter Speed

Today I am writing about photography using fast shutter speed so that you can capture some great shots which are usually missed by the naked eye. Its a general notion that you need to have good professional equipments to capture such images,  but today I'm gonna show u how u can use your entry level dslr and a 50 mm lens and capture these high shutter speed pictures. As a subject we'l use water droplets, as they are my personal favorite. :) 

So, just to give u an idea what kind of picture we will be capturing, here's the final picture which i got after this experiment.

*Water color [ though I used Ujala for this one :p ]
*Black coated utensil placed on a flat surface 
       [ take out a Tawa from your kitchen ]
*Few white blank paper sheets.
*Tripod mounted with ur camera [ that's obvious! ]

Now, the set-up of the whole experiment should look somewhat like this.

Some things to remember.

*White paper sheets helps to define the water splash and  
 droplets being a plain background. It also helps reflect 
 light for better results. 

*Make sure you have sufficient amount of light, either   
 artificial or natural, because that is the factor which will  
 allow you to set you exposure to max and hence reduce 
 the blur effect. Use your dslr flash if required.

Basic Camera settings -  f / 11
                                     iso 400
This worked for me but do adjust your camera according to the set-up you are in.

*Its nothing to worry about if you cannot arrange for the 
 stand/ holder, you can take help of your friend to hold the 
 dropper for you. 

*Timing is the key to capture some excellent  water droplet 
 shots. In the absence of the pro gear you will just have to 
 observe the droplet fall and adjust your timing. And if you  
 are lucky enough, you will have a terrific end result :)

Once everything is in place you should start CLICKING !!!

Do not be disheartened if you do not achieve the desired result. Without the use of scientific equipment, it is a 
'hit or miss" thing. So keep clicking until you get that perfect shot. I also faced a lot of difficulty in getting that one perfect shot. Some of the trial n error shots are down here for your reference.

Happy Clicking. Happy Flashing.


Abhilash LR

Sunday, 13 January 2013

colour pallete

What could be more disheartening than to get a call at 8 am on a saturday morning saying "extra classes" !! :( U get it ryt? yeah! it was that same scornful expression I got up with. :P What made my day? - My favourite purple pants from Bossini with bright yellow top and union jack sling.

Instant transition from mind-blocked to color-blocked!

I know I still look sleepy....*yawn* :D

Very apt for weekend classes :P

With a touch of bling!

Blooper :D

Tell me your "colourful" weekend story in the comments section below.


Friday, 11 January 2013

Checkered Obsession


Fashion is ever changing, but some things are forever, and checkered trend maybe is one of them.
Yes! checkered fashion is in again! Been in the fashion scene since the past three decades, it is definitely a thing of the past that has made a come back with the intention to stay.

The print is originally called "tartan", particularly associated with Scotland. Tartans originated in woven-wool, but now they are made in many other materials. The one I am wearing is made of 100% cotton - the shirt, and 2 ply woven scarf over my denim coloured tube top. I accessorized it with my brand new leopard print 70's shades, my tiny yellow-hearts earring and my dual-toned owl ring.

tiny hearts ear top that I bought from a roadside vendor. I have them in 3 colors!! :P

I paired the look with my uber-comfy crimson flats with brown string bows

How would you go about with your checkered obsession? Share with me!


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

my wardrobe must-haves - 2013

Along with a new year starts new resolutions, promises, wishlists and so on! I have mine too! Here's a list of my wardrobe wishlist.


elegant, bold, chic, edgy, classic, dainty, and a lot more do these collar necklaces speak! 
Grab your style or DIY ur own. *tutorials will be up soon*

Image courtesy -

Image courtesy -
Image Courtesy -
and what better way then to club them together on your own wrists! 

Image courtesy -

say goodbye to dull days!

Image courtesy -

royalty at its best! Its the new black.

Image courtesy -
Do I need to say more? :P

Image courtesy -

And I want these and "only these"!!!

Image courtesy -

classy as well as trendy, white tweed wedges are what I want. Its my new nude ;)
Image courtesy -

and these lace and pearl ones ...
Image courtesy -

aint these lil cunning things cute? 
Image courtesy -

Image courtesy -

Cuz the world is round :D

Image courtesy -

Image courtesy -

along with ATTITUDE and a SMILE :)

Tell me your wishlist and may be I could help you get some! 
*psst- giveaways on the way ;)


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Black n White Photography

This is a follow up of my post "Colours of Black n White."  Here I am gonna give out some knowledge and tips for shooting B/W images,  and all through self-learning.

Subject Selection.
Thanks to the user-friendly technological advancement, today any one can convert a picture into B/W using the available softwares and apps. But when you talk about creating a picture of professional quality, you don't just convert any random color picture into B/W, but you have to run your imagination. And *that's what makes you different from the numerous other camera owners out there.*
So its the imagination and your brain's creative juices  which will trigger when you see a location / subject and tell you that YES, THIS IS JUST THE THING WHICH MIGHT LOOK AMAZING IN BLACK AND WHITE. If we talk technical, any subject with a good balance of Bright and Dark Colors can result in a good B/W photograph. 

For this learning section, I am taking one of my own B&W picture as an example.

This is the view through my apartment window, a shabby old building *which is a common scene in Bombay*. The day I first saw the view, it was stuck in my head, and I thought to give it a shot. *My Imagination*. So then I took a sample shot in the evening just to see how will it look on camera, and this was the result.

I was a little disappointed with the output as it did not look at all the way I imagined it would. 

As evening dawned, people started to turn on the lights and suddenly, I noticed the balance of Brightness-*light* and Contrast-*dirty walls, trees*. And a thought of capturing the place at night struck me - * a learning section on Night photography coming soon :)*. 

I clicked some more pictures of the same place when it was a little dark. Due to the increased activity, being that time of the day, the pictures turned out to be a mix of motion blur and light trails *learning section for the same coming soon :)* and these were the results.

and I selected this image from the lot to publish.

Now the idea was to create a b/w photograph so the rest of the work was done in processing, where I turned the image into B/W and just enhanced the contrast and brightness. *Lightroom 4.1 was the application used to process the image*
So this is the final output, an amazing picture in just Black n White.

ISO 100
50 mm
30 sec. exp.

Tip - any subject with a good balance of Bright and Dark Colors can result in a good B/W photograph. 

I would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts. Do share it down in the comments column.

-Abhilash LR