Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Color Blast

Long time no see, isn't it? Well, blame it all on the monsoon. :(

I thought it would be perfect to go visit my folks during this one month break  from college and so I rushed home (yeah!!). Well, I was super excited of course, not just because I was going *HOME* but also because I could finally play dress up! :D

Though I am not really a big fan of loud colors (on me, as I come out as too garish :P), I reeeeeaalllyy wanted some brightness around! So I decided to try the *Prints-on-Prints* trend. I was really doubtful about the look, but then it was just-so-comfortable, I just had to go with it!

Now, before I go about how I styled my prints-on-prints look, here are some DO's and DONT's of this trend.

  • There are really no hard and fast rules as to how to wear this look, but the safest way to do it is to keep things clean with a uniform print from head-to-toe!
  • If you want to be more experimental, go ahead and wear prints head-to-toe and they don't have to match! Just keep in mind the accessories though! Refrain from using very loud statement accessories. You already have too much on and you wouldn't want to look like a bandwagon!!
  • One of the *don'ts* of this trend is to wear ill-fitted outfits. Being a statement in itself, if the fit is not snug, it will only make you look ugly (or even scary!) and nobody ever wants that. In short, try to keep the fit as snug as possible ;) !
  • Pulled back hair and nude make-up is the best way to show off your statement prints but you can choose otherwise (like I did :D) 

I paired my crazy print leggings with a floral vest. The leggings are a cheap find from a thrift store in Bandra. The color contrast is a complete stunner! 

The black floral vest is from atmosphere. I accessorized the look with spiked necklace from RaastaChaap (buy here) and my black studded sling. As I was travelling, I put on my most comfortable black brogues.

I am on the heavier side so I chose to throw on a sheer blue shirt/top to cover my behind. Not only does it cover my back, but it also gives an illusion of a thinner me ;) 

Now, does this post give you a reason enough to make colors your wardrobe's best friend this season?

Love and Luck

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Spanish in Me

Lately I have been taking a lot of inspiration from everything around me. The previous look was inspired by the *fresh green nature*. This time though, it’s a tad bit different.
Spain is known for its history, monuments, culture, tourism, tomatina festival, bull fights, food, football and Senorita! I have always admired Spain.
Since I haven't yet got a chance to visit the magical country physically, I decided to live a tiny bit of it in my own country itself. So, what did I do?

See the pictures and guess for yourself!

A spinach salad with goat cheese
inspires my bright green eye make-up with white lined lower lid (Lakme)

 Tomato based cold soup 
Served with a "puchka" on top, the presentation inspired my golden lined lips filled with mandarin red.

Traditional Spanish Rice dish cooked with Seafood.
The fresh mix of colours on the plate inspired the floral printed dress I'm wearing.

Fillet of Beef
the texture, the brown sauce and the green tender bamboo shoots are the perfect inspiration for meaty looking legs!

The good people at Fashion Most Wanted invited me to this heavenly place for a Spanish food tasting session.

All drooling now, aren’t you? So, the next time u want to give your taste buds a surprise treat, head to POCO LOCO, Mumbai for some authentic Spanish Cuisine! The restaurant being small and cozy, it does give you a warm and homely feeling with everything happening right in front of your eyes. If needed, the chef himself comes down to your table to help you decide what to order.
My favourite - The gazpacho soup and paella. And yes! The sangrias. They are simply delicious!                

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Love N Luck

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Kindly Corporate!

I look at and think of a corporate as "stressed, depressed, but always well-dressed"! 
What I tried today is a corporate look. Now that its a Monday, and that I'm interning, what else could fit the mood more?

The fact that in monsoon, the roads, trees and the nature looks its freshest best was an inspiration in itself for me to do this "fresh green" post. Now scroll down and look at the pictures before I bore you with my explanation of why, how, where I wore this! You really don't want me to get started, do you? ;)

The high-low fashion is, needless to say, the talk of street-style world. And, the breezy top keeps me fresh in this humid Mumbai monsoon.

These pretty frilly hem keeps the feminine touch intact, without making me look like one deadline-bound corporate woman.

Its the bag and shoes which adds a pop of color to my otherwise dull colored outfit.

Top - Thrifted
Skirt - tailormade
Shoes - Hill Road
Bag - Esbeda
Eyes - Maybelline (Jade)

How do you define a corporate?

Love N Luck

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring/Summer-2013 Fashion Trends

Haven't the weather lately left you running around searching for the most comfy clothes in the market, to save you from that utterly dry sunny days? It surely has me doing so, almost everyday!
But, are you willing to forego your style for the sake of comfort? Think again!
Why not fuse the two together? Here's my list from the NY and Paris runway trends that best suits the present Indian climate.


Pastels - This seems to be one trend that keeps coming back! From accessories to shoes to clothes, pastels are ruling! Added benefit being very soothing look and feel. My fav - peach and mint! (and marsh-mellows :D)

Phillip Lim

Wide legged - I hate wearing denims in this hot summer. At the same time, the harsh sun-rays can result in some bad tan. These wide legged pants come in rescue for those like me. But, this trend best suits the long-legged. For the ones on the heavier side, opt for the ones that are hip-hugging and go flared at the bottom.

Google images

Pair it up with the chunky heels to give yourself a tall look. Stock up on these thick style to go trotting comfortably anywhere.

White and Oversized ruffles - Needless to say, white is one trend that never goes off trend. Go for whites with oversized ruffles this summer to feel fresh and for the oh-so-breezy look. The ruffles also aid in hiding the flaws and at the same time giving volume to the skinny. So make sure of choosing the right fabric with ruffles covering the problem areas!


Sheer Panels and Bermudas - Looks like the pretty sheer trend is here to stay! Add twist to it by pairing it with boy Bermudas for the androgynous look. 


Sportswear Look - I have always been a fan of the twilight as well as the Harry Potter series and their hoody-capes :P. Donning a long hooded cape in this time of the year might not go down very well and so the very sporty hooded jerseys! This trend is very soon catching up as many celebs have also been spotted wearing sportswear not just while sweating it out but also during their travel.


Exaggerated volume or oversized - Simply easy-breezy and oh-so-stylish!

Jill Sander

Japanese Wrap Dress and Florals - This is one fresh trend that caught my eye as I was scrolling through various sites. The traditional Kimono is now being looked at as a promising trend. This collection by ETRO has the Japanese dress given a new twist with the length cut mid-length and going sleeveless. 


Stripes and Short suits - Do I need to say more? Personal favourite of all, stripes are all the rage this season. From horizontal to vertical to diagonal, a hay-wire clash of stripes are the win-win situation. 
The pant-suits that stormed most of the runways last season has been cut short to give way to its summer-half : Short suits. 

Michael Kors

Bold  Prints and Patchwork - make a statement by donning wild, mad, crazy, uncoordinated prints. Kaftans in crazy prints thrown over leggings or even worn as a dress will get you summer-ready!

Mara Hoffman

Proenza Schouler

The 60's Silhouettes - everybody saves the best for the last! Seen in almost all the runways, the 60's silhouette is back with a bang. All things sleek,straight and tailor-fitted!!
Keep in mind your body shape before going in for this look as its a tad bit tricky to handle!

Manish Malhotra



White Pants - Made famous by Kanye West, the white pants are a must-have this summer. Go for a rather layered look with a sweater thrown over a collared shirt or with a scarf and fitted blazer, as shown in the pic. For the more bolder ones, you can try throwing over a long overcoat or going completely white!
Keep in mind your body shape before opting for this trend. White this may be one of the post sophisticated looks of the season, if gone wrong, can make you look like complete disaster!

Primary Colours - Seen on trend-setters like Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham, this is one safe trend to try. Suits mostly all body types. Make sure to keep the classiness of the look intact by layering it up with a cardigan, sweater or coat. And yes, scarves are the "it" accessory to layer up and give that oomph to your look!!

Gallaces - Anther edgy trend that has found its way successfully from the runways to the real-ways! This look complements mostly the lean figured. 


Nautical Look - The just-out-of-the-ship-sailor look can leave any woman longing for you - exactly like the set-wet deo advertisement :D! Scrunched up out-of-your-bed hair, nerdy frames and the nautical stripes - you cold certainly not ask for anything more comfortable in this weather!

Bold Patterns and stripes - Why let the girls take away all that eye-balls! Put on some bold statement print outfits to gain your humble share of attention! From pin-stripe to bold ones to mythical prints, try it all!

Slim Suits - And yet again, the best was saved for the last. Who doesn't love to see a well-groomed man, not necessarily clean shaved but with a well trimmed stubble? Well, at least I do :P. And here too the 60's skinny look is the winner! You dont have to look like a corporate man to get this look right. The skinny suit paired with a classic bow-tie and sleek brogues - you can give even the hottest man alive a run for his money :D !!

courtesy - google images

I know everyone has their own style and taste and so would love to hear on what is/are your summer essential(s). Share it in the comments section below.


Friday, 15 February 2013

The Mickey Printed Pajamas

Been a while since I have posted anything! Firstly, belated valentines day wishes to all :)
(Our V-day contest ends this Sunday. Check here for details)

Today's post is what I wore on valentines day. Nah! not a rose as my headgear or hearts as my neck-wear and neither did I chose to be drenched in red (though I am quite a fan of all the three) :D
I simply chose my "pajamas" (yes! the ones we would normally sleep in) and a plain blue shirt for the day. Sounds boring? Hmm... But I think it doesn't look so boring.

I wore my pretty peach spaghetti and threw on top my boring blue shirt. Owing to the hot and grimy weather in Mumbai, I chose to wear my printed pajamas.

We love drama! :D

Tan gladiators

I layered my accessories to give the look some edge. Since I wanted my new "snake" neck-piece to be the main attention, I used a subtle one as my lower layer.

I thought I would give a shot with make-up this time and I think I look pretty fine! A hint of blush on the cheeks and white lined eyes with a dash of mascara and I was ready!

I used my light gold eyeshadow to line my lower lids

My over-rocked all season bag from Bandra!

#inspiration - Bombay Bubble 

We went to "The Cafe-Executive Enclave" on Pali Hill.
Amazing ambience with amazing food and live music! And the best part - Its roof top!

image courtesy-zomato.com

We would love to hear how you spent your V-day! Post in your comments below.