Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Whites of Neon

Its finally summer! Full-blown sticky grimy scorch summer! And I have been writing and writing about keeping fresh during summers and blah blah without actually doing so :D. Well, not exactly. You see I have a full time college to go to, where I have to wear my uniform (a very unflattering set of tees). All the experiment I do is with my lowers. So one fine day when I was too tired to attend college, I thought of finally trying on an outfit that has been haunting my thoughts since long. 

I was a little apprehensive about the look at first because its a crazy clash of many different trends all put together in one outfit, but I must say it worked out well. After all, its white that's dominating. Have a look...

I also incorporated my gothic skull studded bag in this look (a bag I almost forgot about). In short, I experimented with anything possible :D

When I saw this pretty polka dotted easy-breezy vest, I immediately fell in love with it. The oversized fitting, intricate lace design on the neck and the fact that its dotted gives it a very vintage feel. I paired it with my neon peach noodle strap and lime green pants for some splash of colour. My accessories are minimal as seen - charm necklace from Accessorize, mo ring - Bandra and skull bag - Tibetan Plaza, Bangalore. The brogues worn here are ultra comfy and one of my favourite pair, bought in Kolkata.

Happy Levitating!
We tried experimenting with the pictures as usual. Hope you like our effort. Do not forget to leave your comments/suggestions below.


Friday, 15 February 2013

The Mickey Printed Pajamas

Been a while since I have posted anything! Firstly, belated valentines day wishes to all :)
(Our V-day contest ends this Sunday. Check here for details)

Today's post is what I wore on valentines day. Nah! not a rose as my headgear or hearts as my neck-wear and neither did I chose to be drenched in red (though I am quite a fan of all the three) :D
I simply chose my "pajamas" (yes! the ones we would normally sleep in) and a plain blue shirt for the day. Sounds boring? Hmm... But I think it doesn't look so boring.

I wore my pretty peach spaghetti and threw on top my boring blue shirt. Owing to the hot and grimy weather in Mumbai, I chose to wear my printed pajamas.

We love drama! :D

Tan gladiators

I layered my accessories to give the look some edge. Since I wanted my new "snake" neck-piece to be the main attention, I used a subtle one as my lower layer.

I thought I would give a shot with make-up this time and I think I look pretty fine! A hint of blush on the cheeks and white lined eyes with a dash of mascara and I was ready!

I used my light gold eyeshadow to line my lower lids

My over-rocked all season bag from Bandra!

#inspiration - Bombay Bubble 

We went to "The Cafe-Executive Enclave" on Pali Hill.
Amazing ambience with amazing food and live music! And the best part - Its roof top!


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