Friday, 29 November 2013

Picture Perfect Dreams

We are all born with a dream. Sometimes our dreams change, sometimes it doesn't. But what is it that makes dreams come true? Your self confidence? Motivation? Peer and family support? Will power and determination? The answer is a big YES to all these. But what would you do if you have all the support and confidence and motivation and determination in the world but still, there is something missing that's stopping you? I'll rather re-frame it - What could still stop you from reaching your goal that you always wanted to achieve?
A chance. An opportunity. In a broader sense , The Perfect Platform. A public performance for a musician, workshop for an actor, fashion weeks for budding designers, exhibition for an artist/photographer and even a garage sale for the budding entrepreneur! The boost such platforms give to aspirants is undeniable. A fair chance is what everyone deserves. 
Now, you remember us telling you guys that we have good news for all the aspiring female models, right? Here's your chance to step into the world of your dreams! 

The hunt for the "Perfect Miss Mumbai" is on! Go register yourselves here to be part of one of the most glamorous pageants. For more details visit or get in touch with us. Wishing you best of luck. Hope to see you there!

Love N Luck

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wings of Change

Ever wondered how would it feel to wake up one fine morning to the view of a tiny fish pond surrounded by glistening green trees, air smelling of dew drops and the sound of children playing? Sounds alluring right? Well, that was the scenery I would wake up to every morning  but 5 years back. Its the same house, the same surroundings, the same people, the same road, the same Sun, but the feel has changed.

Yes, 5 years equals an era these days. Now, I wake up to the view of buildings in different colors, hovering over me from every side. My day starts and ends with the noisy road full of cars honking and tyres screeching.  My nights are filled with shaky moments that seemed like earthquakes, but are just the impact of the brick laden heavy trucks moving. And slowly, even the image of that beautiful pond that smiled at me through my balcony seems to be fading away from my memory.
Now that the pond had been such a precious part of my life, I do owe it something. And this outfit is an ode to that smile that greeted me every morning. What surrounds me now was where my smiling star had been, 5 years ago. :)

Outfit - Thankur Complex, Kandivali
Ear Ring - Forever 21
Finger Ring - Karigar
Handbag - Lavie
Shoes - Hill Road, Bandra
PS- I will soon do a post on the DIY Hairstyle I tried here.

There is something that we have been working on for quite a long time now. Presenting to you our brand new property, an exclusive Fashion Podcast - Let'Stalk Fashion 

Can you guess what its gonna be all about ? Comment below
Love N Luck

Friday, 1 November 2013

Celebrations Never End

Minions courtesy

Don't we all feel the same way during every festival? And do you realise that you are gearing up for another festival just as soon as the on-going one gets over? Yes, celebrations never end, or rather, our reasons never end! We are always on a lookout for reasons to buy new clothes, meet people, visit relatives and having fun. And now that you know your abode is a very busy place throughout the year, don't you feel you should keep it smelling fresh always? 

Try the new festive range of Godrej Aer Home and Car fragrances to headstart your celebration with all things fragrant. Also, do let me know which fragrance you like best.

Love N Luck

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