Monday, 26 May 2014

Cafe Coffee Day Style Icon

Heya people! 
Its been been so so long, I saw my own blog haha! Things have been so busy that I thought I would take a break and come back with lots of cool stuff. But seeing the rising temperatures of Mumbai, I thought I'd write in some tips on keeping it cool. And what better than some cool colors?

Nah! M not talking about donning florals and pastels. You are anyways, aren't you? What I have here today is a list of coolers to calm that heated up body of yours!

CCD held a very springy summery event last month to launch their newest range of coolers - brain freeze. Haven't tried them yet? Then hold on, I'm gonna tell you what's worth trying and whats not.

I was glad to be one of their style icons. After a super sexy make-up session by Marvie ann beck academy, we headed to CCD to taste the drinks. It surely was such a happy feeling to hold the ice cold glasses on reaching there in the scorching sun. But a sip of my first drink, and I wasn't that impressed. Green apple cooler had a refreshing feel but was way too sweet for my taste buds. Same with berry blush. Cool blue has always been in the menu and have been a family favourite, trust me! But what I liked was ice berg. Smooth icy coffee blended to perfection, add to that some smoked chicken sandwich. Yes, its a bit too sweet when it melts, but u can't deny it really makes you soothe. And which lady does not like coffee???!

Make-up : Marvie Ann Beck l Styling : Amaze Styling l Wardrobe : Roxy and Superdry

I wish we had better pictures, but then again I wasn't really happy with my outfit so I'm glad there aren't any :D. As for my make up, I loved my eyes! 

Love N Luck

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bohemian Rhapsody

You can never keep a lady away from accessories, be it sparkling diamonds or just quirky fashion accessories! It all boils down to how you accessorize an outfit that either makes or breaks it. From what I figured out over time, my style has always had a bohemian touch in it. My love for stand-out accessories and jewelry has always been looked up to, not to forget my own eternal love for them too and the urge to show it off as much as possible :P. And what better way to show off a tiny section of your *I'm-so-proud-of-it* collection than on a perfect sunny day out!! And so I thought of putting together the Boho Chic look. Aha! this time not on me but on my dear friend and a very pretty lady - Tejeswani Sharma. With a demure body but a strong face, she exudes what Bohemian means to me - Independent!

There are no written rules to go about this look. Everyone has their own version of it. 
Mine's this.

Firstly, I love this denim shirt-vest-jacket! Yes, its multipurpose (more styling with the same piece will be done soon). Don't miss out on the subtle lace detailing at the back.

For the headband, I used a long (fake) pearl necklace. Its an old piece of jewelry which I knew would certainly come in use one fine day, and voila!

Subtle make-up highlighting only the eyes and the rest of the face brushed with some bronzer for the sun-kissed effect

Oh! that flowy long skirt. Well, its a patchwork cotton skirt from a Bombay flea market. A perfect  buy for the summers as the material breathes!

Now for my heap of jewelry. Most of it are from Goa. Where else can you expect to spot some real good hippie stuff ;) . A good fat layering of multiple neckpieces and I get what I want.

You really think the boho chic look would be complete without a "feather"? Look closer my dear ;) . Spotted? Well thats actually the only brooch I have and needless to say its amazing!

Oh yes! my prop too.. a peacock feather :D