Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fragrant Summer Giveaway

Now that I told you about how to keep it cool during summers (Spring/summer 2013 fashion trends) , I also thought I would do my part in making this heat more bearable and fun!
Summer is not just about fresh showers, minimal make-up and stylishly comfortable clothes. Its also about feeling and smelling fresh. The sweat and grime on your clothes will not only stain it but also contribute to a bad odour, which is a BIG turn-off, no matter how well you are dressed!
No, you can't stop sweating in this scorching summer (unless you are an *ac potato* types person) , but you can surely stop the bad odour that it usually brings along. Now comes the *OMG* part of the post - the Giveaway!!

A pretty 5*5 ml set of Dior Perfumes

  • Dolce Vita
  • Miss Dior
  • J'adore
  • Hypnotic Poison
  • Dior Addict to life
All that you need to do to win this set is -

  1. Subscribe through Google Friend Connect.
  2. Like + Share + Make this giveaway poster your Facebook Timeline Cover pic till the contest ends (11th May).
  3. Follow @glamshutter on twitter.

  1. Comment below your mantra of keeping the summer blues away.(write a story, make it interesting!)
  2. Tweet using #fragrantsummer.(the more, the merrier) 


  1. The holiday season is often thought of as a time of joy, but for some of us along with joys, summer brings low spirits due to scorching heat. I remember when kids, during summer vacations, Mom stressed on staying home at afternoons n letting go off in evenings. All thanks to our Fireball shining bright. These summer blues can be waved ciao in many ways.
    My myntra for keeping them away is to stay cool and let it not affect me. Some refreshing coolers, exercise helps keep my spirit up always. Shopping for trendy outfits & posing for camera is something I look forward in summers, nature walks, long drive after dinner, a weekend gateway at some cooler places and many more things makes me say I am loving summers coz winters & rains wont let me do all such things freely.. Love you Summers!!!

  2. Keeping summer blues away n making the skin healthy and freshly lustrous the whole day during summers is a challenge for everyone ...but specially for those who need to STEP OUT OF HOUSE everyday for job like me ...since i don't get much time to nurture my skin, i prefer some handy tips that work best on my skin ...

    I constantly put in my efforts to take adequate night sleep coz sound sleep restores muscles tissues n energize skin for the next day..

    My love for juicy seasonal fruits, salads, fresh juices is a blessing in disguise for me coz it keeps my skin hydrated the whole day n also gives the boost to my immune system that is generally disturbed due to sun-stroke...

    As far as, my appearance is concerned...i prefer Boroplus Advanced Moisturizing Facewash with goodness of Honey n Almonds to be used twice a day + a layer of sunshield on my exposed body parts again by Boroplus 2-in-1 Sun protection Lotion to ensure glowing complexion even in scorching n dusty weather conditions.

    lastly, I never forget to keep my face sweatproof using blotting papers to absorb excess oils and sweat n cover my face & head with a thin cloth mask which is stitched by myself whenever i need to ride on a two-wheeler...

    Shilpa Bindlish
    GFC: sam_mom
    twitter: @artisanme79

  3. summer hotness makes my skin lose its glow and freshness but i take all the possible steps to make it glow and fresh for that i apply milk on my face which makes it cool and also apply banana skin which makes it more glowy and also apply moisturizers and sunblock which protects skin from sun rays and also wash face 3-4 times a day and also eat food which helps to glow face

  4. Rehana Khambaty22 April 2013 at 02:05

    My Mantra for keeping the summer blues away is to go on a holiday abroad where summer is frequent and to use all sunscreen and sun tan products and drink plenty of water. Keep my skin safe from the sun and not to shy away from the sun. Go for a lovely sun bath and refresh and relax myself and enjoy in the lovely summer days !

  5. My mantra for keeping summer blues away is going to my granny house. It is a village were we can come across greenery and flowers in every house who are living there. mostly every one wil be having vegetable plants so that there wil be no need of buying them. there wil be lot of cocunts available they are good for health reduces the body heat. Taati Munjalu (Toddy Palm Seeds ) they are my fav in summer wil eat them a lot my grand father wil bring them from fields. sitting under the mango tree and making a mango pickle have to taste it once. In evenings to water all the plants in garden on that time we wil make some thing like rain fall it wil be super cool. some times we wil go for fishing . they are many things given by our nature which makes us healthy any time. i eat a healthy food and use alovera for my skin during summer....these all are my best way of enjoying my summer holidays :).


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