Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hello Kitty


There are some things in everyone's lives, the sight of which just makes you go Awwwww!!! And this is one such Aww-some story of my tete-a-tete with - a Kitten!*I named it Meauw*.
It was just another hot summer evening when I was working with the door left wide open (fresh breeze lover, you know). Suddenly I felt like there's someone peeping from the corner of the door and that was my *Awwwww* moment. To my surprise it was a small little kitten, god knows where she came from. As soon as she realized I was looking at her, she started purring, a soft-sad-attention seeking purr. It took me a while to realize why she must have been here. I realized she was hungry, and unfortunately, like a typical bachelor's house, there was nothing to feed her. After almost ransacking the house, all I could find were some almonds which my Mom had packed into my stuff while I left home. Indian moms I tell you! :D

This experience was one I'll never forget. That cute look on her face, her big glazing green eyes and that white furry body, stimulated the photographer in me and tadaaaa! I took out my camera and started clicking. And here I am, sharing the moment with all you guys, hope this gives you also a reason to go Awwwwww !!!!!

The peek
Meauw meauw  !!!
Then how slowly she settles down and our silent conversation begins :)

How i offered her the almond nuts and how she just ignored.

The Awwwwwww moment.

I'll soon be putting up a tutorial with some DO's and DONT's,  when you shoot with animals.

Do share if this made you go Awwwww.. !!!!!