Sunday, 22 December 2013

Its Juggling Time Folks! ( Perfect Woman Feature Article)

"Like life, fashion too has no rules. Being inspired is fascination, but being an individual is YOU."

Fashion! What does it bring to your mind? Preppy street style fashionistas, catwalk models, magazine photo shoots, crazy music artists or your own self? For me, its everything. I may not have the perfect body of a ramp model or the craziness of a pop artist like Lady Gaga but what I do have is my individual style even when taking inspiration from the world. After all the plus point of being on the heavier side is experimentation! 
This is the article as featured on the December Issue of Perfect Woman India.
Winters are finally here and so its time to juggle up your wardrobes.  And if there's nothing you can find in yours, go hunt your granny's! You are sure to come up with things like…

Pretty Cardigans - Remember the naive Naina Talwar (Deepika Padukone) from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? You surely couldn't have missed out on her floral frocks and pretty cardigans! These winter mornings make the perfect season and reason to throw on old cardigans over your normal clothes. 
My version - wearing a longish muted coloured cardigan over well fitted pants (rather skinny) and a bright tee.  

Loose Thick Pullovers - Every grandmother in India made these for their entire family, especially the males. So ask your dad for that one pullover he always avoided and wear it in style! 
My version - Oversized pullover over leather pants/leggings with boots. If you still feel cold, put on your beanie and muffler. You dad and granny will be the first ones to compliment!

Midi/long Skirts - I suggest going over to your mum's or aunt's wardrobe for these. Anything below the knee and loose is not just comfortable but also sexy. So keep your minis aside and pile up on the long skirts as this sexy thing is here to stay! My choice would be the chiffon/synthetic ones as they have a perfect fall.
My version - For a trendy day look, pair the skirt with a cropped top and brogues/saddle shoes. On a chilly evening, wear a fitted coat/quilted jacket over your skirt for a masculine-feminine fusion look! If you would like to add some more drama, wear a hat - a Victorian one may be?

Beanies - My first photo on record is that of me in my father's arm, wearing rabbit ears beanie and since then these cute lil things have been on my favourite list throughout the next 23 years. It not only keeps your warm but can make anyone look extremely cute! Now don't say you don't like cute things. Beanies are also extremely easy to make so this time, instead of asking your granny for one, why not make it yourself? It could well turn out to be the best gift ever for Christmas. 
My version - wear it with anything, right from your pyjamas to office wear! 

And when you are finally done with the wardrobes, hop on to the streets for…
Boots - And no I don't mean the winter-typical ugh boots. Neither am I talking about sky-high boots. Biker boots, studded boots, cowboy boots and even Timbaland boots - these are the ones to go for this season. Anything from the knee to the ankle is good with no heels or a 2 inch block heel.
My version - A short pretty floral dress/frock worn with a bomber jacket and studded or tie-up boots. 

Faux Leather - The runways, the streets, the airports, the clothing racks as well as in your best friends wardrobe, the one thing you will surely find is faux leather. Be it leggings or jackets or sweatshirts or skirts, leather oozes style. But do not go leather-y top to bottom unless you really want to look like a professional biker.
My version - Wear your prettiest printed kurti/kaftan with faux leather leggings for a fun twist to your normal outfit! You can also wear a leather jacket with any kind of printed pants - right from military to floral. Don't forget your booties!

These above said list is what will make way into my wardrobe, your choice may be different. Actually, it should be different! Fashion can be inspired from, but style is unique. Like life, fashion too has no rules. If you think 3 neon pieces can be worn together, wear it! Its all about confidence and speaking for yourself. Being inspired is fascination, but being an individual is YOU.

I would love to know how do you Juggle Up this winter. Comment below.
Love N Luck