Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Shady Affair

How many of you have found it real hard at times to choose a lip color or a shade of eye make-up? Well! I have. And at times , I still do! There are a hoard loads of different shades of make-up that I would love to wear but tch tch! *SKIN TONES*

Yeah! Its all about the complexion of your skin that determines what colour of make-up would suit you the best! Not all can wear a hot pink or a coral. Not everyone can do a complete black smokey eye and look all glammed up! M sure none of you want to end of looking like this.

In this post, I'm just going to share a few tips that may help you determine what you may look the best in. Though there are ones who would love to experiment (I personally envy and look upto them :D)! 

Fair Skin

In India, its a well known fact that men prefer fairer girls. Well, not all colors prefer the fairer shade!
For that perfect smokey eyes, use silver shimmer over the lid or grey or taupe shades to get a smokey look.

Shimmer smokey look

Taupe smokey look

For the perfect pout, go for hot pinks and soft corals!

To reduce looking pale, use bronzer to contour your face and add warmth to your complexion.

Wheatish Skin

Very easily, the most common one. Adding warm undertones of reds and/or browns to the eyes will get you that perfect smokey look. 

Use shades of bright red and warm pinks on the lips

For the more bolder ones, try sunset orange or tangerine! but stay matte.

Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl fame shows us how to go about with the perfect smokey eyes and glossy pout!

Dusky Skin

Personally my favourite!! Oh how I wish I was dusky!! :/
Using rich, warm and dark shades of black will give you that perfect smokey eyes. A winged liner and voila!!

Use dark shades of reds like wine and plum on your lips.

Deepika here shows how to carry off a deep shade of red lips and dark black smokey eyes!

courtesy - google images

After all said and done, the lesser the make-up, the better!
Nonetheless, I hope this post has helped you in a good way.

Would love to hear from you. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. 


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